Cool Creations: 20 Imaginative & Strange Ice Sculptures

The World’s Largest Ice Santa


(images via: weird asia news)

One of the most notable sculptures to come out of Hardin, China is the world’s largest Santa Claus. The statue was carved from a clifffside and measured over 524 feet wide and nearly 80 feet tall.

Ice House in Detroit


(images via: icehousedetroit)

An abandoned house in Detroit, just one of many in the city, was turned into an urban art installation by photographer Gregory Holm and architect Matthew Radune. The duo froze the vacant, demolition-bound home for the duration of the winter in 2010 and 2011, continuously spraying the house with water to create layers of ice.

Making Fire from Ice


(images via: primitive ways)

Did you know that you can create a lens out of ice, and use it to start a fire? Numerous tutorials on the internet will show you the process, which involves freezing ice into a round piece of aluminum foil, shaving it into a lens shape with a knife and then finishing it with the heat of your hands. The ice must be very clear for it to work, but when you hold it over dry tinder in just the right way, it’ll work.

Jewels to Keep You Cool


(images via: kathy ludwig)

Maybe they’re not the most practical jewels ever, but you probably wouldn’t complain about wearing deigned Kathy Ludwig’s quirky ice jewelry in the suffocating heat of midsummer. Ludwig uses her earring, necklace and ring bases with ice molds to create the sparkling jewelry, which, of course, melts pretty quickly.