The Greenest Grass-23 Everyday Items Made from Bamboo

Magistral Cabinet


(images via: sebastian errazuriz)

This sculptural magistral cabinet facade was created with an astonishing 80,000 bamboo skewers. A work of art by Sebastian Errazuriz, ‘Magistral Cabinet’ took 12 carpenters 6 weeks to complete. Each individual skewer was hammered into the wooden base of the cabinet.

Bikes & Bike Trailers



(images via: auctionflex, practical cyclist)

Bamboo is an ideal material for bicycles, offering a cheaper and lighter-weight alternative to the metals typically used. You can even purchase a kit to build your own bamboo bicycle for roughly $500. Some resourceful cyclists have also turned to bamboo as the base material of simple bicycle carts, which don’t require much more than a pair of bike wheels to create.

Bamboo Helmets


(images via: treehugger)

Who wouldn’t want a bamboo helmet to go along with their bamboo bicycle? The surprising strength of this grass lends itself well to this purpose, and the Roof RO6 Bamboo helmet is constructed of thatched slivers that make it even stronger.

Amazing Benches




(images via: modern chair design, humuhumu, the design home)

From an incredibly strange and rustic creation to a piece of furniture that’s sleek and ultramodern, bamboo has been used to create some interesting benches. Dutch designer Elena Goray’s bamboo bench, called Pile Island, was created simply by strapping a bunch of bamboo poles together and cutting out the center. The second bench was found in an Asian decor warehouse and features bamboo poles that were heated and twisted. Then there’s the Infinity Bench, which takes a more polished approach for a very smooth final product.

Product Packaging

(images via: tay everyday)

If more products used such elegant and natural packaging instead of plastic, we’d all be more likely to have them re-filled instead of throwing them away and buying new ones. The bamboo packaging of this skincare set by Tay’s Natural makes a typically disposable product into a collectible item, and the bamboo is biodegradable, too.

Miniature Bird’s Nest Stadium

(images via: architecture list)

A group of villagers in Hangshou City, China made unusual use of bamboo poles: creating a partial-scale replica of Beijing’s famous Bird’s Nest Stadium. It took 1,000 pieces of bamboo and two weeks to make these miniatures.




(images via: green diary, coffin wood)

When you think about it, does it make any sense at all to put our biodegradable bodies inside impermeable caskets that will remain intact for untold hundreds of years? Bamboo caskets are a far more eco-friendly choice, and they’re actually quite beautiful. These biodegradable options ensure that we don’t leave a negative impact on the earth even as we leave it.