The Greenest Grass-23 Everyday Items Made from Bamboo


Growing nearly three feet in a single day, bamboo is a super-sustainable, renewable resource that is far more versatile than you might think. Not only is it used to make flooring, fabric and furniture, it can also be used as the basis of bicycles, computers, vehicles, product packaging, helmets and even entire buildings. Check out these 23 (more!) everyday items made of bamboo.

Computer Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse




(images via: igreenspot, chalet-bamboo,

Offices could get a much warmer and more welcoming feel if these beautiful bamboo keyboards, mouses and even monitors were to replace plastic as the material of choice. The Bambouse by designer Wen-Ting Tseng from Taiwan is simple and elegant, and the 19-inch monitor debuted in 2007 at a cost of nearly $500. The keys and outside shell of the keyboard disguise its plastic components.

Beautifully Strong Buildings



(images via: world architecture news)

A house made of grass doesn’t sound so strong, but the fact is, bamboo is an extremely durable material that can produce amazingly unique architecture like the five structures shown here. Bamboo grows up to 39 inches per day, making it a very sustainable choice as a building material.

Bamboo Taxi Cabs



(images via: examiner)

In the Philippines town of Tabontabon, bamboo is a plentiful resource, so it’s no wonder the mayor chose it to create a fleet of ultra-green taxi cabs that run on coconut biodiesel. The cabs are covered in bamboo poles and woven palm leaves, and some of them have received complex and colorful paint jobs.

Sustainable Speakers



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Audiophiles might be picky about whether bamboo delivers the kind of performance they demand, but it sure does make speakers look more attractive. The above bamboo speakers include the Seren Audio model shaped like a pair of whales, which also include leather in their construction, as well as a pair of small USB speakers that preserve the look of a real bamboo stalk.