Car Creations: 15 Things Made of Reclaimed Vehicles

Animal Sculptures by James Corbett

(images via: james corbett art)

Spark plugs become a sheep’s curls and a dashboard become the chest of an orangutan in the amazing animal sculptures of artist James Corbett. Corbett crafts clear and faithful representations of the animal kingdom using all scrap materials, even capturing posture and facial expressions to a T.

Recycled Car Sofas

(images via: alternative consumer, dornob)

Spanish design studio bel&bel took the remains of classic Spanish cars to create the SEAT 600 sofa, placing the car seats in the hood area. This cool sofa even has a 160 watt amp, speakers, a jack for your iPod and working lights! Another cool car-to-sofa creation is the FridgeCouch, which takes two major pieces of landfill junk and makes them into something quirky and useful.

Seat Belt Furniture

(images via: inhabitat)

Seat belts are strong and durable, so there’s no surprise that crafty people are getting really creative in finding new ways to reuse them. Designer Peter Danko puts them to brilliant use in his modern Arbor furniture line.

Art Car Made of Woven Seat Belts

(images via: gajitz)

This awesome art car by artists Ann Conte and Jeanne Wiley is made from the remnants of a mid-1960s MG Midget that previously served as a rusted firewood holder. The artists obtained the car from a neighbor and ordered more than 500 yards of seatbelt fabric and wove it into a new body for the car.

Towering Sculpture Made of Cars

(images via: recyclart)

Outside the Radisson SAS Seaside Hotel in Helsinki, Finland, is this massive car sculpture made by artist Miina Äkkijyrkkä. The bodies of various cars are clear in the sculpture, left in their original colors so that you can distinguish them from each other.

Recycled Tire Sculptures by Yong Ho Ji

(images via: scrappedcraps)

Korean artist Yong Ho Ji has gone above and beyond all of these innovative re-uses for old tires with a sculptural series that binds strips of used tires together with synthetic resins. His complex works, depicting humans and animals, makes a statement about humanity’s responsibility for nature.