Car Creations: 15 Things Made of Reclaimed Vehicles

Spiderman Table

(images via: earth911)

Another amazing sculpture by Kreatworks is this Spiderman table, also made of car parts. The car fragments are virtually unrecognizable now and they have all been coated and finished to blend together.

Geometric Tables Made of Car Metal

(images via: nine stories furniture)

Modern and minimalist, these tables by Nine Stories Furniture make a big geometric statement. Each triangle in these tabletops has been crafted from seventy percent reclaimed automotive sheet metal taken from car tops.

Leather Jackets from Car Upholstery

(images via: inhabitat)

Would you ever guess that this leather jacket used to be the upholstery on a car seat? Oakland-based Platinum Dirt reclaims the luxury upholstery of vintage Lincolns, Jaguars and Cadillacs for its ‘VIN’ collection of outerwear. Each jacket comes stamped with the seal of the car manufacturer and even includes the vehicle identification number of the car that it came from.

Car Seats in Theaters

(images via: rerun theater)

Vintage car seats are practically an automatic choice at indie theaters nowadays, and why not? It’s a great way to reuse seats from vehicles that are being scrapped, and they’re more comfortable than typical theater seats. reRun Theater in Brooklyn is a great example.

A Car Made of Other Cars

(images via: jalopnik)

10,000 scraps of metal went into this astonishing Mercedez-Benz 300SLR, built by a trio of German artists known as the “Giants of Steel.” The artists recreated Mercedes’ 1954 design using recycled car parts, spending seven months on the non-running vehicular sculpture.