Car Creations: 15 Things Made of Reclaimed Vehicles


Even from the most rusted-out, ripped-apart junker, little pieces of metal, moving parts, upholstery and even seat belts can be rescued and transformed into something new. These 15 projects have reclaimed and recycled car parts for magnificent sculptures, garden art, furniture, clothing and more.

Man Sculpture from a Russian Car


(images via: inhabitat)

Studio Re-Creation will take objects that are valuable to you and craft them into incredible works of art. “The Transformer symbolizes the relationship between man and machine. our first car, a Lada Samara Diva, has been re-created into a powerful figure. ‘The Transformer’ stands in position of ready surprise. He is in the moment between knowing what he was and knowing what he has become…”

Recycled Car Hood Furniture


(images via: the weld house flickr)

Remember when car hoods were as large as the passenger compartment? Those massive pieces of metal are going to good use as Texas-based sculptor Joel Hester of Weld House transforms them into tables, beds and other pieces of furniture. Hester often preserves the original condition of the hoods, leaving any weathered areas and even custom paint jobs.

Flower Bed


(image via: sashafatcat)

Of all the things you can do with a dead car, this might just be the simplest. An old car was painted and filled with dirt and plants to become an eye-catching piece of urban art in Vancouver, Canada.

Steampunk Hellboy Statue


(images via: earth911)

The metal crafters behind Thailand-based Kreatworks take car parts and other scrap metal and turn them into unbelievably complex sculptures like the comic book character ‘Hellboy’.  This bigger-than-life-sized sculpture has moving parts and weighs 770 pounds.