DIY Dress-Up: 13 Totally Doable Eco-Fashion Projects


Making your own recycled clothes and accessories? It might seem best to leave such ambitious projects to the talented and experienced craft mavens of the world, but if you can squeeze a glue bottle and cut in a fairly straight line, you can make these 13 fun and creative customized glitter boots, jewelry, arm warmers and more. Ranging from ridiculously simple no-sew scarves to stylish skirts and dresses, these eco-fashion tutorials could produce handmade holiday gifts or a new fall wardrobe for yourself.

Knit Circle Scarf from a Sweater


(image via: ps i made this)

Making a super-warm circle scarf just in time for fall and winter is as easy as cutting up a sweater and taping it. No, really!  P.S. – I Made This explains the unbelievably simple no-sew process that even someone with zero crafting experience can handle.

Sparkly Boots


(images via: lefancuille)

Any old tired pair of shoes, from your own closet or from the thrift store, can become your favorite pair of party heels with a little glue and glitter. If you can pour glitter onto a glued surface, you can do this.

Lace Briefcase


(images via: a beautiful mess)

A vintage briefcase gets a stylish and feminine update in another simple tutorial at A Beautiful Mess. Just glue the lace on in strips. Of course, the same idea could apply to virtually any type of fabric trim, like ribbon.

Cute Cat Food Can Ring


(images via: ecouterre)

Yuka Yoneda at Ecouterre shows us how to turn an empty cat food can into an adorable kitty ring with a little bit of snipping and folding. Do DIY eco accessories ever get any easier than this?

T-Shirt Shrug


(images via: cut out and keep)

Any old t-shirt – including those freebies with not-so-desirable printed designs on the front – can become romantic shrugs a la Pride and Prejudice with some hemming and a ribbon. Cut Out and Keep explains how to slice up the front of the shirt, sew a casing and insert a ribbon for an adjustable cardigan. Dress it up further with trim at the bottom hem, or a removable brooch.

Sweater Arm Warmers


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Keep your arms cozy, no matter what outfit you decide to wear, with a pair of upcycled arm warmers made from an old sweater. There’s not much more involved in this project than cutting the sleeves off the sweater, creation a hole for your thumb and adding accents as desired.

Pocahontas Top from a T-Shirt


(images via: nice and shiny)

An old t-shirt is easily turned into a serious style statement inspired by Helsinki street style and Pocahontas in this tutorial by Nice and Shiny. All you have to do is cut the t-shirt into a halter shape, tape of a waistband and then add lots of slits.

Detachable Collar


(images via: diyprojects, wear the canvas)

Want to get your hands on one of the trendy detachable collars that have been popping up everywhere lately? While you can DIY this adaptable accessory by cutting off the collar of an existing shirt, you can also make one from scrap fabric for a more customizable shape. Try either the traditional shirt collar tutorial at Wear the Canvas or a sweet Peter Pan-style from DIY Projects.

Beaded Fabric Flower Necklace


(images via: pretty-ditty)

A long, narrow strip of fabric and any old ugly unwanted beads transform into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind necklace with this tutorial from Pretty Ditty. A few little fabric rosettes give it a bit of extra charm.

Recycled Ruffled Headband


(images via: crafting a green world)

Ultra-feminine (and a great gift for little girls, if it’s a bit too twee for your tastes), this ruffled headband uses about a quarter yard of lightweight material like chiffon or organza and the wide headband of your choice. Tip: Check for remnants of these fabrics at your local bridal shop or tailor.

Scrap Leather Birdie Purse


(images via: a beautiful mess)

A few scraps of leather, yarn, lace and a button form the basis of a super-cute bird-shaped fringed purse, designed by Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess. Fabric stores often have leather remnants, or you could seek out a damaged leather item that still has usable portions. Different colors could be used to craft a species of your choosing.

Men’s Shirt Skirt


(images via: fashion indie, crafty stylish)

Who knew that a men’s dress shirt could make such a fetching skirt? There are any number of ways in which to accomplish this, ranging from simply cutting the top of the shirt off and sewing an elastic waistband to an elegant gathered version explained at CraftyStylish.

Tablecloth Dress


(images via:

Making clothing out of upholstery is generally a bit of a DIY no-no, but it’s unlikely you’ll have anyone yodeling at you if you choose your fabric this carefully. Erica Louise at Recycled Fashion found a gorgeous Ikat tablecloth at a trash and treasure market and made this dress using a free downloadable pattern.