Tiny Living Worlds in Glass: 12 Terrarium Ideas


Light bulbs, mason jars, cake stands and tea pots: practically any clear glass container can contain a tiny greenhouse, providing humidity and warmth to plants. Whether you keep it simple with moss and a few cute figurines or curate complex miniature landscapes with tropical or even carnivorous plants, terrariums bring a touch of nature indoors and make stunning centerpieces for special occasions.

Tiny Garden in a Light Bulb


(images via: hipster home)

Used light bulbs, typically destined for the trash bin, could be the setting for an adorable miniature terrarium. The Hipster Home explains how in a tutorial that requires needle-nose pliers, long tweezers or chopsticks, a screwdriver and some sand and plants. Adhesive silicone bumpers allow you to stand the light bulb up at the angle you prefer.

Hang an Bit of Nature


(images via: design sponge)

Now, you could either wrap some wire around your light bulb terrarium, or find a clear glass ornament in order to make a tiny hanging terrarium. If your ornament is destined for holiday use only, use dried moss, not live plants, or you’ll be sad when you pull them out next year to find that greenery has turned brown. Get the details at Design Sponge.

Reclaim Those Jars


(image via: space stitch)

Many mason jars are just too pretty to toss into the recycling bin, and why should you when they have so many uses? Clean out a used jar and simply add stones, soil, plants and any little figurines you may want to include. Learn the details about maintenance and care at Make Online.

Light it Up in a Lamp


(images via: moontree handworks)

Combine two functions in one with a terrarium lamp! A company called MoonTree Handworks offers a lamp kit with a clear glass jar, or you could easily create a DIY version with your own mason jar using an adapter kit.

Wear It Close to Your Heart


(image via: woodland belle)

Carry a miniature garden close to your heart. Terrarium necklaces like this one from Woodland Belle are easy to find on Etsy, the online market for handmade goods. If you’re crafty, you could also make your own using miniature corked glass bottles, wire and chain.

Sweet Cake Stand Idea


(image via: diyideas.com)

Put your terrarium on a pedestal. A cake stand is the perfect way to show off your creation, and vintage cake stands are easy to find at garage sales, flea markets and online auction sites.

Frame it to Perfection


(images via: country living)

Reminiscent of the large, enclosed terrariums that were popular in the Victorian era, this sweet DIY creation is essentially a mini greenhouse in which hothouse plants like ferns and orchids can thrive throughout the year. Country Living offers a step-by-step tutorial for making it out of eight picture frames.

Invite Nature in for Tea


(image via: ohafternoonsnacks)

Is this tea pot garden adorable or what? Ideal as a table centerpiece at special events, particularly weddings or garden parties, a clear tea pot filled with live or artificial plants is cute and quirky.

Hang it on Your Fridge


(images via:ruffledblog)

Magnetic metal tins, often used to organize office supplies or arrange spices on a refrigerator, are the perfect containers for tiny vertical terrariums. This version keeps things clean and super-easy to maintain using air plants, so that no soil is needed.

Garden in a Bottle


(image via: terrarium man)

Wine bottles, jugs and carafes can be laid on their sides or even hung with wire. Want a super-easy (and practically free) terrarium project you can complete with the kids? Try using a plastic soda bottle.

Another Bright Idea


(image via: design spunk)

When blogger Kat of Design Spunk spotted an outdated 1970s chandelier, she didn’t see junk – she saw an incredibly creative terrarium container for live orchids, showing off the flowers in a beautiful and unusual way.