Cooking the Books: Oven-Baked Report Reveals Secrets


In light of the fact that so many companies both big and small have been caught “cooking the books” recently, the term is likely to draw grimaces. But there is no other way to describe this unique annual report developed for food company Podravka. Called Well Done, the report from Croatian design agency  Bruketa & Zinić has to be baked in the oven before it can be read.


(all images via: Dezeen)

The pages of the report appear blank at first, but they are actually printed with a thermo-reactive ink that only appears once it reaches a certain temperature.


The once-empty pages become filled with text and pictures after being wrapped in foil and baked at 100 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes. According to the design firm, this unusual report represents the fact that you have to be a careful and precise cook to produce food like Podravka.



If the report is underbaked, the hidden messages will not appear. If the report is overbaked, it will burn. But if you are careful, the pictures of empty plates are suddenly filled with food and the small pages suddenly display delicious recipes.


Podravka’s annual report isn’t all fun and games, of course. The small thermal ink-printed book is a removable part of a larger annual report that contains the relevant numbers and figures in regular, non-thermo-reactive ink.