Cycle Crazy: 14 Smart & Stylish Bike Storage Solutions


Once an afterthought, bicycle storage racks, hooks and devices are now seen as part of a home’s decor and as public sculpture on city sidewalks. More than simply getting bicycles out of the way, they turn them from potential eyesores into sculptural objects in and of themselves, especially when starkly displayed against an interior wall. Get inspired for bike storage at home and check out the creative, innovative bike racks that are popping up in urban areas.

Pit In Bicycle Table by Store Muu


(images via: 5magazine)

Japan’s Store Muu Design Studio dreamed up this uber-practical bike storage solution that lets your bike double as a seat at a table. You can ride your bike right into the table’s built-in slot and put your feet up – imagine if these were available at cafes and other public places! Now they just need to create an option that allows the user to cycle in place for fitness while working and – even better – harvest the energy created to power a light or a gadget charger.

Minimalist Wood Bike Rack by Chris Brigham


(image via: knife and saw)

Simple and elegant, this bike storage solution was created by woodworker Chris Brigham of Knife & Saw. The Bike Shelf is a wooden shelf with an angled niche that allows you to slide your bike up onto the wall without disturbing the books or other objects you place atop the shelf. (Too bad it only works with men’s bikes!)

Bike Rack Shaped Like a Comb


(image via: knowhow shop la)

This one-of-a-kind, 400-pound comb-shaped bike rack was made by Knowhow Shop in Los Angeles; it’s now a public art piece in Roanoke, Virginia.

Rotating Vertical Bike Rack for Korea


(image via: archdaily)

Could The Bike Hanger be a smart solution to bike storage in the city? Designed for Seoul, South Korea, this rotating hanger can store 20-36 bicycles and attaches to the sides of buildings to avoid interfering with traffic below. It’s made from recycled plastic bottles and stainless steel, and would only need a little lubrication now and then to keep it running.

Racor Bicycle Hoist


(image via: racor)

Storing your bike up high is a great way to free up room in your home, but sometimes – especially if you have high ceilings – getting it down can be a pain. The Racor Bicycle Hoist ceiling mount bike lift uses a pulley and steel hardware to lift and lower your bicycle when you need it.

Gladiator Claw Bike Hook


(image via: gladiator garageworks)

Prettier and more secure than a simple hook, the Gladiator Claw makes hanging a bike incredibly easy. This bike storage hook, featured on ABC’s American Inventor, automatically grabs and releases your bike’s tire by putting pressure on a button.

Futuristic Marguerite Bike Rack


(image via: coroflot)

A fanned design of white ‘daisy petals’ secures bicycles in the ‘Margeurite’ design by Yoann Henry Yvon, who wanted to bring “a touch of color and design inside the boring background of the city.” Yvon created a five-petaled prototype which was photographed in Valencia, Spain.

Cycloc Colorful Bike Storage


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This wall-mounted bike storage solution, designed by Andrew Lang, won the Consumer Product Design of the Year Award for its simple yet ingenious method of hanging a bicycle. Available in white, orange, green or black, the Cycloc can hang a bicycle either vertically or horizontally, can be locked into place and provides storage for accessories like gloves.

Petal Vertical Bike Rack


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While it’s not super space-efficient, this tree-like bicycle rack is certainly a beautiful way to store bikes in public places. Designed and built in West Michigan by Vern Ohlman, the Bike Petal functions as both a practical bicycle rack and as an outdoor sculpture.

Bike Shed for Outdoor Storage


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What if you’ve got outdoor space, but no garage? Bike storage sheds allow you to keep your bike secure and out of the elements. You can build one if you’re handy, or buy one of the many prefabricated options available like the ‘Bike Cave’ by Tidy Tent.

Piano Park Bench/Bike Rack by ADD Innovation


(image via: add innovation)

Space comes at a premium in urban environments, especially on sidewalks. This brilliant design combines a bench and a bike rack in one; altering the design just a little bit to include a bench back would enable bicyclists to safely lock up their property.

Sleek Wooden Wall Rack


(image via: new york markt)

Another handy modern interior or exterior wall hanger for bikes is this sleek wooden design by 718 Made in Brooklyn. The curved design fits between the bars on men’s bicycles to keep them high on a wall, and looks beautiful even when not in use.

New York’s Stylish CityRacks


(image via: inhabitat)

A competition to design a stylish modern bicycle rack for New York City produced 10 beautiful, colorful finalists and a winning design that has been used as the new standard bicycle rack installed on the city’s sidewalks. The winner is the simple silver wheel shape, created by Maarten De Greeve and Ian Mahaffy.

Solar-Powered Bike Parking Pods

(images via: ecofriend)

Worried about biking to work only to arrive looking sweaty and unprofessional? If only these solar-powered bike parking pods would catch on, nobody would have such an excuse anymore. Designed by Penny Farthings Pushbikes, these pods not only provide a storage spot but also contain showers and changing rooms.