Eco Kitty: 12 Great Green Products for Cats


Dusty clay cat litter, food based on slaughterhouse byproducts and toxic flea treatments aren’t good for your cat, your family, your home or the world at large. Choose healthier, greener cat products instead, from toys and treats to collars and carriers. These 18 eco-friendly options will keep your cat happy, healthy and high on catnip.

Kitty’s Garden of Edible Grass


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Are your indoor cats chewing up all of your houseplants? Indulge their instinct to chew on grass with a pot of wheatgrass, oat, rye or barley. One good choice is the SmartCat Kitty’s Garden, a kit that contains a pot, peat moss soil and organic seeds.

Recycled Cardboard Scratcher


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Encourage your cats to scratch a designated object instead of your furniture. Cardboard cat scratchers come in all shapes and sizes, and are often made of recycled cardboard. Bonus: they can be tossed in the recycling bin once they’re shredded beyond recognition! This cute dog-shaped one is from Uncommon Goods.

Organic Catnip


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Something about catnip makes most cats go crazy. Catnip, a perennial herb in the mint family, contains an essential oil called nepetalactone, which stimulates cats. Sprinkle organic catnip like that offered by Castor & Pollux on toys, bedding or a cardboard scratcher.

Natural, Biodegradable Cat Litter


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Conventional clay cat litter not only tracks dust all over the place, it’s also a significant environmental problem: 2 million tons of it end up in landfills every year. Seek out a biodegradable, compostable cat litter made from renewable materials instead. One option is World’s Best Cat Litter, made of whole kernel corn.

Compostable Litter Box Liners


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Want to compost that eco-friendly cat litter? Line the litter box with a biodegradable liner like the ones made by BioBag. It couldn’t be easier to simply lift used litter out of the pan and toss the whole bag into your compost pile. Make sure you maintain a separate compost pile just for cat waste, and never use the resulting compost on food crops.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Pet Carrier


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Tote your kitty around in style with an eco-friendly pet carrier. The Eco-Friendly Tote by Snoozer is made of durable recycled burlap and features a large main compartment with four zippered mesh openings for ventilation as well as a large flap packet on the front for accessories.

Crunchy Treats for Dental Health


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Let’s face it – most pet owners don’t wrangle up the cats on a regular basis to brush their teeth. To keep up your cat’s dental health, feed them healthy, crunchy cat treats like those from Pet Greens. The texture of these treats helps control plaque; they’re also grain-free and packed with protein and nutrients.

Natural, Holistic Cat Food


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Most brands of commercial cat food contain some pretty unhealthy ingredients like gluten, corn, rendered meats and animal by-products. Brands that cut out these ingredients and focus instead on natural, holistic food packed with vitamins and minerals are far better for kitty’s health. Halo Spot’s Stew is a great choice, containing wild salmon, whole egg and veggies like sweet potatoes.

Breakaway Hemp Cat Collar


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A natural renewable resource known for its strength and durability, hemp is one of the most eco-friendly materials available. The hemp collars by Silly Kitty feature a safety breakaway clasp to let cats break free if the collar catches on anything. Available in a range of colors, these collars are breathable and biodegradable.

Cozy Organic Bed


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Cats love cozy spaces, especially beds with high walls. The Organic Bumper Bed by West Paw Design is soft, comfy and available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Stimulating Natural Toys


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Engage your cat’s instinct to chase small prey with a fun interactive toy like the Field Freddy’s Feather Cat Toy. This biodegradable toy is simply a wood wand, a hemp string and cork ‘feathers’ that will get your cat active, helping to prevent obesity. Naturally, you can DIY this for next to nothing.

Natural Flea Care


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Cats can be sensitive to many of the essential oils that are recommended to prevent fleas on dogs, leaving many cat owners uncertain about how to control these pesky pests. Only Natural Pet offers flea care kits for cats in mild, moderate and severe packages, which include items like flea combs, brewer’s yeast tablets, herbal defense shampoo and an all-in-one flea remedy made with diatomaceous earth, a mineral substance that is non-toxic to people and pets.