Mutt Mobility Device Keeps Fido Independent and Running

Is there anything sadder than a disabled puppy dog? When dogs have problems with their spines or hind legs, they are sometimes stuck in large, cumbersome wheelchairs that don’t allow for much mobility for any terrain other than flat and even. This design would let disabled dogs move around almost as easily as they did before their mobility problems.

(images via: DesignBoom)

The Amigo is a canine wheelchair designed by Nir Shalom for “Thinking Hands,” an exhibit at Milan Design Week 2011. Its unique positioning holds the dog’s legs out behind it, allowing the dog to go up and down stairs and lie down on its own. Unlike other models of doggy wheelchairs, the Amigo strives to allow the dog a greater measure of independence.

The design is still a prototype in development, but if it is ever produced each unit will be made individually to fit the dog it is meant for. With its customized supports and comfortable padding, the Amigo would keep doggies happy while letting them get around easily. The durable rubber wheels would keep the Amigo running strong while your pup runs his heart out.