A More Fantastic Future Plastic: Recyclable Alternative


As environmental concerns continue to rise and world oil reserves steadily decrease, we are left to wonder about the future of plastics. We have come to rely on plastics for so many things in our daily lives, but our days of nearly-unlimited plastics production are numbered. What material will take the place of the durable, inexpensive, versatile plastics we use so freely today?


(all images via: Design Boom)

PEGA Design & Engineering, a consultancy firm based in Shanghai and Taipei, thinks they have the answer to the plastic problem. They propose an alloy made from recycled paper and polypropylene that could be formed in the same injection and mold machinery as that which is currently used for standard plastics.


The material is sturdy, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive. Since the machinery used to create the alloy is the same as that used in current plastic production, the costs of the plastic alternative are further kept down.


Besides its cost effectiveness, the Paper/PP Alloy is biodegradable, giving it a big advantage over conventional plastics. The award-winning idea is the perfect blend of simplicity and innovation, giving it a bright future in the manufacture of electronics, toys and other plastic-heavy household objects.