Verdant Vending: Exceptionally Eco-Friendly Outdoor Kiosk


The EcoKiosk is a self-contained stall for street vendors that relies on clean, renewable energy and Earth-friendly components to make street vending greener than ever. From its solar panels to its rainwater collection system, the EcoKiosk is an ecological marvel from the top down.


Created by Bizarreka Design and a shortlisted entry in the IIDA 2010 World Green Design Competition, the EcoKiosk is a carefully-structured building meant to be used outdoors. Thanks to solar panels that adorn the roof, the small structure doesn’t even need an outside source of electricity. The solar panels can provide power for up to ten hours, allowing the kiosk to be fully operational even after the sun goes down.


The kiosk’s open design makes good use of natural lighting and ventilation, taking advantage of the crosswinds and sunlight that are in bountiful supply outdoors. Even on rainy days, the EcoKiosk works overtime to earn its green cred: it collects rainwater and stores it in a storage tank beneath the main structure. The water will later be filtered and used as tap water or pumped up to the plants that line the sides of the kiosk.


These plants help to soften the appearance of the otherwise-stark and modern EcoKiosk, giving it a look that would be equally suited for food vendors, clothing peddlers and even cell phone providers. The plants are not only there for aesthetics, however; they also help absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide.


The interior design of the EcoKiosk keeps the comfort of both operators and customers in mind. The kiosk is designed in a way that every inch of space is arranged intelligently. The rear part of the kiosk can be extended during working hours so that two workers can move about inside, then retracted during closing hours so that the kiosk takes up less space. A low front counter is meant to provide a comfortable experience for disabled customers who might not be able to see over the counter at a traditional outdoor vendor stall.