Greens on Wheels: Rolling Greenhouse Will Feed + Educate

Thanks to space and time constraints, most of us buy all of our food from supermarkets rather than growing it at home. But two New York entrepreneurs want to teach urban dwellers how rewarding and positive it feels to grow fresh produce and eat it right from the garden. Nick Runkle and Justin Cutter have founded Compass Green, a mobile greenhouse and education center that will bring fresh food and educational experiences to schoolchildren all around New York.

(all images via: Inhabitat)

As part of the Compass Green initiative, the two men are transforming an 18-foot diesel box truck into a greenhouse on wheels. The greenhouse will feature Plexiglass walls to let in sunshine for the plants that grow in the truck’s cargo area.

The fully-functioning greenhouse will travel around to schools in Brooklyn and Manhattan, delivering fresh produce to kids who otherwise might not have access to it. The team will also deliver an educational message about the considerable health benefits to be gained from making fresh, whole foods a regular part of one’s diet. Eventually, they will take their truck all around the country.

But beyond simply teaching children about the benefits of fresh spinach and carrots, the duo aim to spread their message of sustainability. Their roving greenhouse will host educational workshops teaching practical skills that visitors can easily incorporate into their own daily lives. Lessons will be tailored to the age level, region and socioeconomic conditions of every stop on the team’s educational journey.

Runkle and Cutter are working on converting their old diesel truck into a vegetable oil-fueled, solar power-equipped green machine. They are currently accepting contributions to the project via their Kickstarter page.