Earth in a Bubble: Unique Flipped Landscape Photography


Our world is undoubtedly a beautiful mystery, with countless wonders just waiting to be seen. But we can sometimes tend to become numb to those wonders after seeing them every day; that is why a new perspective can offer a renewed sense of amazement. A young Flickr user has given the world a whole new way to see all of the beauty surrounding us every day: through a tiny glass sphere.



Flickr user Cabe26 only decided to take up photography less than a year ago, just before a trip to Alaska. While on that trip, he perfected a technique that would let him show his surroundings in a strange, isolated, yet completely intimate way: through a small glass marble. He calls the series, appropriately, “Life Through a Marble.”



Cabe26, a New Jersey teenager, had seen other photographers create stunning images with large crystal balls, but he had never seen anyone use tiny glass marbles. His experimentation with a smaller glass bubble led to these breathtaking nature photos which have been earning the teen international attention.



Since beginning the series, the young photographer has practiced his technique with many different types of landscapes: icy vistas, serene trees and colorful beaches have all been given the marble treatment.



The result is always stunning. The portion of the scene viewed through the marble is turned upside-down while the background behind the marble itself is soft and out of focus. The unique perspective turns nature photography on its head and gives viewers a whole new way to think about the world in which we live.