IKEA’s Homemade is Best: Ingredients as Art

IKEA did what they love to do: come up with something minimalist, artistic, and affordable. Only this time it’s not a homemade piece of furniture, but a cookbook with an artistic feel. Rather than go step by step through the process of creating something culinary, they laid the exact ingredients out in an agreeable fashion and then displayed the result.

(Images via disassociated, quirkycookery, shannoneileenblog)

The IKEA: Homemade is Best cookbook may not help anyone who isn’t already a professional chef, but it will look damn good in one’s kitchen. The minimalist design and careful layout is very visually appealing.

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More art than instruction manual, IKEA decided to create something unique when they came out with Homemade is Best. The designs are beautiful, even mesmerizing. If you’re in the mood to actually create one of these culinary masterpieces you may need another source.

(Images via love-and-victory, freshbump, shannoneileenblog)

It’s difficult to see the beauty in everyday life, but IKEA has elevated the art of cooking into something worthy of the name, “art.” Each page could stand alone as an expression of something far deeper than a pile of sugar and dribble of milk.

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The end result looks great, but so do the ingredients. Despite the lack of functionality, the IKEA Homemade is Best cookbook does a good job shifting the emphasis of cooking from the final result, to that of the ingredients, which are beautiful in and of themselves.