World’s Smallest Solar Theater Shines Light on Environment


Going to the movies isn’t normally the most eco-friendly activity in the world (if you’re concerned about matters of electricity usage and product waste) but this miniature movie theater makes movie dates a totally green way to spend an afternoon. The Sol Cinema is an itty-bitty movie theater built in a tiny travel caravan from the 1960s. But what’s really impressive is that the theater is powered by the sun.


Conceived by British art charity Undercurrents and built by artists Jo Furlong, Ami Marsden and Beth Marsden, Sol Cinema is a little green movie machine that can seat up to eight viewers at once. The theater’s library is stocked with comedies, music videos, documentaries and short films, all with environmental themes.


The theater is powered entirely by 120W solar panels which feed into four large lithium-ion batteries. The solar panels are always collecting power from the sun, even when movies are running, so that the little trailer never runs out of power – even when the sun isn’t cooperating.


Most of the interior of the caravan was made from recycled materials, further adding to the positive green profile of the whole project. Usherettes in jaunty red uniforms greet patrons and lead them to their seats in the cozy interior where a tiny projector is hidden in a vintage light housing. The Sol Cinema travels to various locations for events and festivals all over Europe.