Martin Usborne: Dog’s Best Friend

Martin Usborne is a London-based photographer whose exhibition “MUTE: The Silence of Dogs in Cars” is a gorgeous depiction of an otherwise mundane parking lot event. Martin’s love for animals and wonderful framing create hauntingly beautiful images.

(Images via forthelovemagazine, dog-milk, independentdanamcclure)

Martin Usborne was drawn to taking photos of dogs in cars because of his deep love for animals, and the idea that these dogs sit in silence wondering if their owners will ever come back. This melancholic thought brings an interesting perspective.

(Images via moderndogmagazine, spoonfed, notcot)

The fact that these photos are taken at night or in the rain adds even more of a feeling of isolation. These dogs are on an island cut off from the rest of the world, and they simply sit there, calmly taking it all in.

(Images via moderndogmagazine, tundrablog, iconologphotographyblog)

Its amazing how a skilled photographer can take something as simple as dogs sitting in cars and turn it into a thought provoking (and beautiful) exhibition. Any future parking lot encounters with dogs in cars will certainly be met with a different mindset from here on out.