Suspended Swedish Tree Hotel Reflects Natural Environment


Ascend through the straight, tall trees in a northern Swedish woodland on a suspended rope bridge to a trompe l’oeil getaway that is barely discernible from its environment. The Tree Hotel by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter is a mirrored glass box that reflects the forest, making it as unobtrusive as possible in this peaceful natural setting.

Step inside and you’ll find a thoughtfully laid out haven in the sky, ideal for an intimate twosome, lined in pale plywood and housing a double bed, table and chairs, and even a small bathroom. Guests can even access the roof for a full immersion into the landscape.


The 12-foot-square cube balances upon a single support pole and is strapped to a tree for support, and it does not appear that the tree has been affected. The architects covered the mirrored glass in transparent ultraviolet stickers that are invisible to our eyes, but will prevent birds from unwittingly smashing against the structure.


The Tree Hotel encourages eco-tourism to Harads, Sweden and the surrounding area, a sparsely populated region which is home to the 1,300-square-mile Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve. It was opened to the public in July 2010.