Artistic Evolution: From Scrapyard to Barnyard

Art out of recycled materials is both great for the environment, and an interesting artistic challenge. Animal themed art is inherently interesting because of its unique reflection of the mundane world we see every day. Strong artistic ability and skill allows some creators to come up with larger than life versions of their real world counterparts, or stunning reproductions and interpretations of the smallest critters that grace our planet.

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These horse sculptures are jarring at first, until one realizes they are fashioned carefully out of curved pieces of wood. The difficulty of using this material, and the accurate reproduction make these stunning examples of natural art.

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Flying creatures made out of discarded scrap metal are visually stunning, but unfortunately unable to fly like the creatures they represent (in the case of the flying pig, this is probably a good thing). It’s amazing how such an eclectic mix of materials can form such a recognizable shape.

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Elephants are not easy to make. Their huge size are an immediate and often overwhelming obstacle to creating a life size replica, but this doesn’t deter everyone. Using recycled materials, some artists push the boundaries and create wonderfully evocative sculptures.

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Fish lend themselves to being created out of recycle materials; their flashing scales look metallic enough already, that recreating them is a natural fit for metal workers. The skill with which these artists put together accurate and entertaining representations is no less impressive because of the fit of the subject matter.

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There’s no limit to what one can create with some scrap metal and a good welder. Insects, critters, and huge mythological beasts can all be found in sculpture gardens and inside homes across the world. These creations are both fun and environmentally friendly, making a great statement for anyone who owns one.

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Large four legged beasts are not easy to create in any medium, and the natural restrictions of using found materials makes this subject matter even more difficult. Some artists use these boundaries as motivation to get even more creative; coming up with animal versions that seem almost bionic, while others strive for the most accurate representation possible.