Breathtaking Views of Mexico’s Hidden Underwater River


Some of the most incredible places on Earth are those that are hidden from everyday view. This unbelievable site is located in a water-filled cave – or cenote (pronounced say-no-tay) – in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. What appears to be an underwater river flows placidly through the cave, offering up one of the most stunning sights ever captured in underwater photography.



The cave in these pictures is Cenote Angelita. It is one of the most magical scuba diving sights in the world, largely thanks to its underwater river. Like an impossible underwater scene straight out of Spongebob Squarepants (but sans the annoying voices), a river seems to flow through the water, surrounded by shores of dirt complete with trees and fallen leaves. It is almost impossible to believe what you see in this place.



The “river” is actually a thin layer of hydrogen sulfate separating the fresh water at the top from the salt water below. Divers can swim right through the “river” to view it from below. Underwater trees line the river, contributing to its bizarre and otherworldly appearance. Looking at these photographs from professional photographer Anatoly Beloshchin, it is difficult to remember that the entire scene is about 100 feet beneath the surface of the water.



(all images via: Anatoly Beloshchin)

Mexico boasts underwater caverns that are unlike any others in the world. A series of climate and geological changes created the cenotes over many thousands of years. Today, experienced divers are treated to breathtaking views that can not be found anywhere else on Earth. The Cenote Angelita dive is only for experienced divers, but those who are able should make it a point to visit this incredible place at least once.