Asian Steampunk Art: Strange or Serious Green Machines?

James Ng is a Hong Kong-born artist who has utilized inspiration from his worldwide travels to incorporate asian traditional beauty with Western themes in his work, with a steampunk sensibility that inextricably links man and machine. James’ art is unique in style and content, revealing a world in which every person is an individual, and every machine is a one of a kind beauty designed for form and long-lasting function. All of his artwork is done on the computer, though it would be hard to guess. Here are some of James Ng’s best works:

(Images via enworld, emptykingdom)

James Ng’s work often features captivating and interesting characters. The steampunk tradition is readily apparent in all the contraptions and accessories that inevitably accompany his well illustrated creations. One can easily see the relationship between these characters and their contraptions; in contrast to today’s throw away mentality, these characters have a personal connection to the technology they use.

(Images via steampunklinks, jamesngart)

Towering monuments reflective of asian architectural styles are found throughout James’ work, and they bring the beauty of architecture to a new audience (and medium), renewing a sense of wonder in these age-old designs. The flying castle reveals an entire city flying above the clouds, while the fortress is incredibly grounded.

(Images via jamesngart, enworld, emptykingdom)

Steampunk fans love steam powered contraptions and machines, the more convoluted the better, and James Ng doesn’t disappoint. With harvesters, carriages, and entertaining contraptions appearing throughout his work, James populates an entire world with a cohesive syle and aesthetic. The lack of mass production in steampunk worlds is something the real world should strive for – building to suit a need rather than utilizing resources and energy for entirely disposable results.

(Images via conceptart, imaginefx)

James Ng’s world isn’t without its corruption, so enforcers of justice are required. Melding the spirit of invention with the poignant power of a righteous warrior, James promises that no crime will go unpunished.

If any of these prints really pique your interest, support James by purchasing one in his store.