The Electronic Cigarette: One Way to Go Green

At this point, most people are well aware of how cigarettes and their smoke affect health, but not nearly as many are aware of how they affect the environment. Trillions of cigarettes are created each day, and when they’re smoked, their is nothing to do but toss them away. Now that the addictive affects of cigarettes are well documented, there are a ton of smokeless alternatives coming to the market that promise to lessen the health affects, and the environmental effects, of smoking.

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A lot of people love to puff on their old pipe, but as the smell of pipe tobacco once brought to a mind a library full of books and a fireplace, it now brings up images of tar filled lungs. One solution is an electronic pipe that gives you the chemicals your body has become dependent upon, without sacrificing the pipe that has become such an indelible part of your image.

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Electronic cigarettes are touted as an environmental asset, as they are reusable, and can help offset the 4.5 trillion non biodegradable cigarette butts piled into landfills each year (source: tobacco control). Some of the earlier solutions and cigarette alternatives look more like torture devices or spy gadgets than the cigarettes we’re used to, but some of the newer ones look sleek and even light up as you inhale, or let out a smoke-like vapor when you exhale.

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Smokeless ashtrays are not as effective at preventing worldwide pollution from cigarettes, but at least they incentivize people to dispose of their cigarettes properly, and not just toss them to the ground. Most smokeless ashtrays are intimidating and appear straight out of a sci fi movie, but attempts have been made to add a little aesthetic improvment (and gadget aesthetic).

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E cigarettes can now be reloaded on the road. With mini docking stations that look more like a GPS, the excuses for not switching from environment harming cigarettes to electronic versions, are becoming hard to stand behind. People used to rally behind their victimization by money grubbing cigarette companies, but these alternatives allow you to ease off (or fully indulge) one’s addictions, without spreading the burden of the harmful smoke and litter onto the rest of the community.