Biggest Animals: More of the World’s Largest

A Great Dane is a large dog, but imagine if you got to see the largest Great Dane in the world (over 7 feet long), or a rabbit that weighs over 23 pounds? Well, consider this your ticket to see some of the enormous wonders of genetics and a good diet, as we explore the most jaw dropping animal giants:

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Rabbits are undeniably cute, and more is always better, right? Well here are a few rabbits that could give a lot of dogs trouble. I’d love to see how much lettuce these fluffy behemoths go through each week.

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George is a Blue Great Dane, and about to be named the tallest in the world. He tops out at 43 inches and 245 pounds. Over 7 feet in length, this 4 year old eats 110 pounds of food a month.

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Goldfish can live for an extremely long time – up to 40 years, and this gives them a lot of time to grow. Despite the diminuitive size of most household goldfish, they can grow up to a whopping 23 inches long and can weigh up to 10 pounds.

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Pigs are social and intelligent animals who just happen to like to eat… a lot. “Big Norm,” was once the largest pig in the world: Big Norm weighed 1,600 pounds and was 7 feet long, until his untimely death by heart attack in 2008.

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There are a wide variety of breeds of livestock and wild animals that grow incredible sets of horns… from deer to longhorn cattle (up to 7 feet from horn tip to horn tip), these are animals I would not want to encounter during any running of the bulls, that’s for sure.