Clever Concealment: Wood Facade Makes Modern Log Cabin


When one builds a home (or any other structure) in the woods, it’s difficult to make the man-made building appear to belong there. This amazing “log cabin” uses somewhat tongue-in-cheek modern design to almost blend in to the surrounding landscape. It looks more like a pile of firewood than a building, but it is indeed a man-made musician’s getaway.


Designed and implemented by Dutch firm Thomas Mayer, the log shack was requested by musician Hans Liberg. Liberg wanted a small building on his property where he could go to write and record music. Thomas Mayer had the perfect solution: a pre-fabricated shack disguised to look like nothing more than a pile of wood in the owner’s field.


The pre-fab plastic and steel frame is covered in a wood facade that gives it the appearance of a stack of logs. The really spectacular part of the design is the sliding windows and special shutters, which when closed complete the illusion of a box of logs.


No one would be fooled into thinking that this structure was an actual stack of wood, but it seems to exist in harmony with its surroundings in a way that a vinyl-sided shack never could. Even though the natural materials are just an illusion, they let the shack blend in peacefully with the surrounding trees and plants in the field where it sits. The fake wood facade gives a fantastically modern natural feel to a building that could have easily become a plastic eyesore in the otherwise-lovely landscape.