Meet the Wallflowers: 30 Green Roof and Wall Designs

Green roofs and living green walls were once practically unheard of, but today they’re enjoying a huge popularity resurgence. Why cover your walls or rooftop with plants? There are many benefits to putting vegetation in places you wouldn’t ordinarily see it. Buildings with green, living roofs and walls typically see dramatically lower energy bills because the garden provides insulation against the weather. The plants purify the air around them. Green roofs can help prevent some storm water runoff, meaning a healthier city and a lessened chance of flash floods in heavy rains. Living rooftops can also extend the life of the roof itself because the actual roof is protected under the plants and soil. Besides all of those reasons, simply living near fresh, living, growing plants can make us feel happier and healthier. These 30 designs use green roofs and walls in creative, distinctive ways.  Click the thumbnails below for more images of and information on these amazing designs: