Amazing Eco-Walkway Bridges Gap Between City and Nature

elevated forest canopy walkway

In a modern industrialized place like Singapore, one wouldn’t expect to find many open green spaces – especially given the extremely small size of the island coupled with its 3.2 million inhabitants. But Singapore is home to a series of truly exceptional parks that feature a breathtaking combination of nature and architecture. The Southern Ridges, an attraction located just outside of the heart of the city, offers visitors the chance to revel in nature and man-made marvels all at once.

elevated forest walk eco walkway

(image via: Inhabitat)

The Southern Ridges is actually comprised of nine kilometers of green spaces connecting Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, and Kent Ridge Park. The area is home to a huge array of fascinating plants and animals, including an impressive number of dragonfly species. But its most striking feature is the treetop-level walkway that crisscrosses the dense forest – a dizzying 120 feet above the forest floor.

singapore national parks forest elevated walkway

(image via: PopUpCity)

The walkway doesn’t interfere with the natural layout of the parks or the Adinandra Belukar forest as one might suspect; in fact, the project was built to co-exist peacefully with the existing vegetation and the animals that inhabit it. Visitors are able to walk along the paths and enjoy the lush forest while coming face-to-face with the area’s wildlife without participating in the destruction of this beautiful natural setting.

southern ridges singapore elevated walkway

telok blangah hill park singapore forest walkway

(images via: Inhabitat and ArchDaily)

Most people embark on the Forest Walk and Canopy Walk to enjoy nature. But at the same time, the walkway offers a full view of the city. The juxtaposition of the urban jungle with the green jungle is truly remarkable, but seeing it from treetop height is an unforgettable experience. The walkway is actually a series of suspended paths that connect with other nearby paths like the Alexandra Arch and Henderson Waves, offering a well-rounded exploration of the area.

forest walk canopy walk singapore forest

(images via: Inhabitat)

The walkway itself is open to both the sunlight and the air, offering a wholly natural experience that lets visitors enjoy nature in a respectful way. In the evening, parts of the path are lit with a lovely color-changing LED display. And while walking so far above the ground may seem terrifying, the walkway is solidly built. But for those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, the park also offers an Earth Trail that lets you experience the serene beauty of the area from ground level.