Around the World: 27 Fabulous New Year’s Eve Fireworks!


Auld Lang Syne and good riddance recession of 2009! Making noise and fireworks on New Year’s Eve is believed to have originated in ancient times, when noise and fire were thought to dispel evil spirits and bring good luck. Whether you make a New Year’s resolution or not, be sure to celebrate 2010. Yes, the fireworks can be harmful and dangerous, but they are spectacular without a doubt. In the United States, most of us have seen the ball drop in New York City and have also seen the fireworks, if not in person then on TV. But worldwide, we unite as one to welcome the new year with fireworks, so here are 27 fabulous New Year’s Eve firework celebrations from around the world.



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In Sweden, New Year’s Eve is a highly social time when friends get together, often setting off fireworks. Major firework displays can be enjoyed along the waterways of Stockholm and over the magnificent harbor in Gothenburg. At the strike of midnight and the start of the New Year, you would hear, “Gott Nytt År!”

From Russia With Love



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In Russia, New Year traditions include a New Year’s Tree known as Novogodnaya Yolka which has a bright star on top and the tree is decorated with sweets. Another tradition is the arrival of Father Frost or Ded Moroz along with his granddaughter Snegurochka, the snow girl. Children wait for them as they bring New Year presents and keep them under the New Year’s Tree. To make Father Frost happy, children sing songs. Of course, no New Year is complete without a family get together, delicious meals, and fireworks. Look how lovely they are! С Новым годом!

Sydney, Australia


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Technologically advanced Sydney, Australia, kicked the door closed to recession heavy 2008 with a 3.4 million dollar fireworks extravaganza. Over 1.5 million joined in the New Year’s Eve celebration and watched never-before-seen pyrotechnics that displayed simulated lightning, thunder and even rain. Sydney launched digitally from seven barges, seven city buildings, and the bridge itself, creating 100,000 individual pyrotechnic effects.

Fireworks Around The World


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Does it not seem that we should be a more united world? At least at New Year’s Eve, we celebrate very much the same in most places on this planet. At top left, we see New Year’s Eve fireworks at Kopavogur, Iceland.  At top right is a common image for a grand finale of fireworks. At Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, Cinderella’s Castle is surrounded by fireworks. At middle right, the crowd oooh’s and aaaah’s at the fireworks over Victoria Harbor. Lastly on the bottom left, Disney celebrates the with over-the-top fireworks at Illuminations, Reflections of Earth.

More Fireworks From Around The Globe


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At top left, Hong Kong welcomes the New Year with a spectacular display of lights and sound. To the right, the boom sizzle and pops to accompany these fireworks were over Lake Union in Washington State. At bottom left, London does it up big on New Year’s Eve with their firework’s display, like this pink wheel. In Seattle, the Space Needle is for once not the highlight in the night sky, still lovely but paling next to the vibrant colors of exploding fireworks.

Recall the past fondly, but grab happiness in the New Year!


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In Japan at top left and in Pittsburgh at right, major fireworks light up the midnight sky with excitement and hope for the future. No matter where on the globe, most people reflect on the past year and times gone by. The song Auld Lang Syne asks whether old friends and times will be forgotten, promising to remember people of the past with fondness. People toast the New Year with high hopes like in Singapore at middle right. On the bottom left, The Eye of Malaysia is not what holds the eye this time but the brilliant pyrotechnic show. In Texas, at bottom right, Lake Austin is filled with boats that hold people of all ages in wonder and appreciation of the fireworks.

Island Romance and Fireworks


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Although many famous firework displays are in major cities around the world, could there be anything more romantic than having your own private show on the beach? Fireworks on an island might be one of the best ways to celebrate. Happy New Year! May 2010 bring you happiness, good health, success and wealth, and all good things!