Geeks, Gamers, Gory Flicks: 114 Cool Pumpkin Art Carvings


Around Halloween, pumpkin wizards create extreme pumpkin carvings in every category you could imagine. Patterns can even be downloaded or carved on the fly. Give a carving knife to a geek, gamer, or gory movie lover and watch out! They create what they most enjoy. Gamer fans of the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii and even the hardcore old school retro games go for video game themes. Some pumpkins are carved into characters from scary, sci-fi, or gory movies. And geeks off the computer and focused on a pumpkin can create what reflects their favorite objects. This is a Halloween tribute to geeks, gamers, and gory flicks watchers. Trick or treat? Here are 114 treats, or cool pumpkin art as jack-o-lanterns with intricate carvings from freaky to geeky.

Geeky Pumpkin Carvings


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Geeks, we are both logically left-brained as well as creatively right-brained. Give a geek a carving tool and look at the cool pumpkin art that can be created. We love our RSS feeds so much that now we subscribe our pumpkins to them. Linux lovers carve cute Penguins. To many, only Firefox will do. But then you have big Microsoft fans like the ones who carved Bill Gates and IE pumpkins. A little Google android will light the way for some lucky trick-or-treaters.  Then there are Mac fanboys like the ones who created a likeness of Steve Jobs and the Apple icon. Last but certainly not least, one crafty soul created little tux and no doubt loves Linux.

Horror & Gore Pumpkins


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The Predator pumpkin is amazingly detailed and must have taken great skill and patience. Next in tribute to horror movies and sometimes gore are The Mummy, the Werewolf character Wolfman, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Pennywise from It destroyed the idea of happy clowns from many minds. Then comes Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw massacre which can attribute the revving sound of a chainsaw with the desire to run in the other direction. “Here’s Johnny!” also known as Jack Nicholson from The Shining. And if you ever dream of Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street, you had better wake up pronto. Knifes carve more than pumpkins like in the horror film Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers.

Classic Horror Movies: Pumpkins


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Some horror flicks are classics like Psycho, so the first three pumpkins show tribute to Norman Bates, to the Bates Motel, and to the shower scene. Pinhead from Hellraiser was both creepy and freaky, but people have differing opinions on if it was a classic movie. The next pumpkin’s character was first written about in 1818 and is of course the Frankenstein monster. The last three carvings depict a German vampire film, Symphony of Horror and another classic horror character, Nosferatu.

Evil Stars: Pumpkins


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The pumpkins once again were carved by talented fans as tributes to horror flicks. From left to right the movie and characters are: Frankenstein and his Bride, The Exorcist, Joker, Dracula, Dracula David from Lost Boys, Chucky times two, and the infamous hockey mask from Friday the 13th.

Video Games Pumpkin Carvings


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Jack-o-lanterns do not have to be scary. In fact, give a gamer a carving knife instead of a controller and look at what they come up with as cool, creative pumpkin art. These video game themed pumpkins are a tribute to WOW, World of Warcraft Alliance, Stormrage, Transformers Optimus Prime, and Pyramid Head.

Gaming Systems: Pumpkins


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Gamers love their gaming system as well as their games. Here are what a few hardcore gamers carved: Xbox logo, Xbox 360 power button, the always dreaded Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death, a pumpkin Playstation, several pumpkins to depict Playstation controller buttons, Wii, Will controller, and a Wii console.

Pacman Pumpkins


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Like in games, carving pumpkins comes in many skill levels. For these, the many pumpkins and creative carvings show that Pacman will always be a favorite for many gamers.

Gamers Tribute To Their Favorite Games


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Some games have extremely devoted players who don’t grow tired of their favorite game. These carved creations on the pumpkins represent a few of those favorite games. There are five Halo 3 pumpkins, Portal,  BioShock,  Gears of War and Shadow of the Colossus.

Old School Games: Pumpkins


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Old school gamers and even new gamers still love Tetris. This retro video game is among the most popular games ever and are the top two carvings. Space Invaders is another old favorite. The rest of the carved pumpkin art includes tributes to Sonic, Metroid, Link from Zelda, and Okami.

Pumpkins Rated E for Everyone Games


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And then there are the “happy games” that appeal to gamers young and old. These carved pumpkins are welcoming to trick-or-treaters. Many kids would recognize Belmont Castle, or the two of Little Big Planet’s Sackboy, Pikachu, Mario and Bowser, and who wouldn’t smile back at Mario? The houses with Mario pumpkins will no doubt serve up more treats and experience fewer tricks.

Movie Heroes or Villains


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Movie heroes and villains always seem to live forever. These characters have inspired more than pumpkin art. They’ve been made into movies, cartoons, comic books, lunch boxes and about anything that can be commercially marketed. From left to right, they include: Hellboy, two Spiderman pumpkins, The Hulk, Wolverine, Iron Man, Optimus Prime and Megatron, The Punisher, and Transformer Autobot Decepticons pumpkin-faces.

Even More Movies: Pumpkins


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We love to be entertained. We are great fanboys of movies and comic books.  Some of those include: The Birds, Wizard of Oz, Ghost Rider, Batman, Green Lantern, Gollum from Lord of the Rings, Spock and Star Trek.

If you can imagine it…


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If you can imagine it, then it has probably been carved into or fashioned with a pumpkin around Halloween. Some people are patriots above all else and create a pumpkin Statue of Liberty. The math equation was carved and meant to  truly scare those who see it. Some people love food above all else and can change a pumpkin into a hotdog or hamburger. The big-toothed creature is scary yet creative. Then there are cat lovers with an artistic flair as well as castles carved into pumpkins.

Star Wars: Pumpkins


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Say no more than Star Wars and the fans start flocking out from every corner to pay tribute. These pumpkins are more than art, they were created with love. From left to right: Death Star, Princess Leia, R2D2, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Master Yoda, Dark Lord of The Sith, and Boba Fett.

Happy Halloween!