Travel Photography: Snapshot Moments Around the World


Travel, vacations, holidays, we want to remember the fun times forever so we take lots of pictures. We want that moment in time, that feeling of happiness, to stay with us for as long as our memory and senses stay intact. Yet we take photos to help us recall the good feelings and the wonderful times with as much detail and emotion as we had at the moment we snapped the shot. However, sometimes when people travel to a place or to an event, something thrilling or chilling happens at that moment. Some photographers act upon sudden impulse in that moment of tension or of fright to capture that image. Travel photographers can influence the world with their snapshot of time, be it beautiful and breathtaking or be it heartbreaking devastation. The entire globe can witness the second in time due to the photographer’s quick aim and shoot. This is travel photography and here are 46 snapshot moments around the world.



(image sources: Andrew Castellano)

How could you go to the Caribbean and not take pictures to capture the moment and the memory? The top left photo is called The Edge of the Earth and it was taken from Saint Martin. Mount Kilimanjaro is an inactive stratovolcano in Tanzania and as pictured on the right it is the highest peak in Africa at 19,331 feet. Camping is a wonderful way to travel, to get away from it all and get a clear view of the sky. You can recline back and stare at the unobstructed universe until you are in awe and everything will come into perspective. The camping picture is called Out of This World and was captured in Anza Borrego Desert State Park, California. On the bottom left is Kagbeni, Nepal and of wheat with the mighty Himalayan mountain in the background. The photo on the bottom right is of Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. There are 16 lakes ranging from blue to gray, azure or turquoise like in the travel picture.

US History


(image sources: The Big PictureThe Big Picture)

Some photographers travel for the specific reason to photograph a great event or to capture for the world a historical moment of time. Such was the case at the inauguration of President Barack Obama. The dark swarms on the ground that resemble ants are huge crowds of people who traveled to take their own photos and be present in Washington D.C. to see the new president sworn into office. This image was shot by GeoEye Satellite down at the National Mall and the United States Capitol on 1/20/09. In the bottom photo, another historic moment was recorded. A Marine helicopter carrying former President George W. Bush departed from the East Front of the U.S. Capitol as President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and his wife wave goodbye.



(image sources: Free Republic ,Prison Planet,The Big Picture)

Some moments, however, are quick reflexes to capture the chilling event be it by a traveler or by a person on the scene of devastation. 9/11 was such a day when some photographers were fast despite their fears to photograph New York’s World Trade Center attack and collapse. It was their sudden impulse that allowed the rest of the world to share in those terrifying tragic moments. It was their snapshots that help us to remember the moments of infamy that will live on forever through their images.

Tropical Paradise Philippines  & Ondoy


(image sources: Per-Andre Hoffman ,Fabulous Philippines ,Chacknam Travel & Tours ,The Big Picture ,The Big Picture ,The Big Picture )

Manila in the Philippines offers some of the most stunning and famous sunsets anywhere on the globe. This tropical paradise is full of adventures to be had, gorgeous sites to see and to photograph, as well as sweet-natured people. Pagsanjan Falls, 299 feet high, also has caves behind the falls to explore, a great place to swim, to take photos and have endless hours of fun. The Chocolate Hills are an unusual geological formation, a natural phenomena, in Bohol with about 1,268 perfectly cone-shaped hills spread over more than 20 square miles. From the sea to across the island, you would be happily taking snapshots to savor those moments forever. For all the wonderful reasons to visit the Philippines, what if you were a tourist over the last few weeks?

Worse yet, what if you lived there when first Ondoy, Typhoon Ketsana, and less than a week later Supertyphoon Parma hammered at your homeland? There has been a minimum of $500 million worth of damages to crops and infrastructure. There are more than 10,000 people homeless or otherwise dislocated by floods and landslides. These numbers will only climb as many places are isolated and not yet reached. There is an unholy lack of food, supplies and assistance as disease spreads more disaster and death. But wait, two more storms are clashing and combining, and Quedan is swinging back around to pummel the tropical paradise yet again. Yes, these moments in images have also been captured and shared with the world, but the world is doing little to help. How many more thousands will die? The people and conditions are in dire straights. If you can in any way assist or donate, please contact the Red Cross International Response or GMA Kapuso Foundation.

Enticing Tropical Islands of Samoa like Paradise on Earth


(image sources: Daily Mail,The Age,Daily Mail,Metro,Metro,Metro)

If you long for a tropical paradise, look no further American Samoa and Western Samoa. Samoa has some of the most enticing islands in the South Pacific, offering you thousands of opportunities to photograph deliriously lush undergrowth and idyllic sun-baked beaches above ground, or lava tubes below ground. Strap on a mask and go for a dive to capture even more stunning pictures like multicolored coral and marine life in the enchanting shallow waters of lovely lagoons. Waterfalls and swimming holes and rainforests will add to your rapturous time and keep you snapping shots to hold the moments in your heart and captured to share with friends. As a picture taking tourist there, you may think you have found tropical paradise on Paradise Beach.

But on September 30, a massive earthquake measuring 8.3 on the Richter scale shook the islands. Almost immediately, giant waves at least twenty feet high, a tsunami, crashed over the Samoa Islands. Damages are everywhere on this previous tropical paradise and blessed ecosystem. There is extensive destruction; crops were destroyed and properties demolished, graves of loved ones long-buried were swept out of the ground and washed away. More than 180 people have been killed. Thousands are homeless and hungry, displaced and grieving their missing loved ones. Thousands need help, and although American Samoa is receiving some help, Western Samoa is desperate. If you can find it in your heart to help, to donate, please contact the American Red Cross.

Sumatra Earthquakes


(image sources: toursfor2 ,IBRAHIM AHMAD WORLD ,The Big Picture,,,)

Pandang is a lovely place, green and beautiful as in the top row of photos. On September 30th, a magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck offshore of the town of Padang in Sumatra, Indonesia. Buildings collapsed and landslides swallowed up entire villages (middle left). The next day another quake registered a 6.6 magnitude and toppled more buildings, caused more landslides, fires (middle right) and deaths. The aftershocks continued and the Indonesian government said 609 people were confirmed dead but that is expected to rise to over thousands. Thousands more are still missing. The search for survivors has been called off in Padang, but now the focus is on helping the living. Children are homeless and hungry (bottom image). If you are interested in finding out how you can lend support, please visit Red Cross International Response.

Alien-like Landscapes in Göreme Cappadocia in Turkey


(image credits:Curious Expeditions)

The top photo is of beautiful Rose Valley, Göreme. Göreme, an area with fairy chimneys, is in a town called Cappadocia, Turkey. The deep valleys and soaring rock formations are volcanic rock that has slowly eroded away to create strange “Fairy Chimneys”. The locals had believed them extraordinarily magical places that only fairies could have created. Ancient people hollowed out the fairy chimneys to carve out homes, chapels and tombs from the soft inner rock. They also tunneled to create underground cities, some going down eight stories. The bottom picture is a fairy chimney hotel which is also located in Göreme.



(image sources: Per-Andre Hoffman ,Dr. George P.C.,BBC)

While out and about on your traveling adventures, taking pictures for your memories or to document an area’s culture, people, landscape or customs, a true travel photo captures and expresses the feeling of place and of time. Both professionals and amateurs snap pictures during their travels, but there are times when having a camera at the ready can get a different type of once-in-a-lifetime-shot. Erupting volcanoes are such an opportunity. On the top left, a Mayon volcano erupts and the image was captured in January 2007. On the top right, pyroclastic flows blow up and out as the dome collapsed at Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat in November 1997. In the bottom image, red hot lava, rocks, and ash spew from the Philippines’ Mayon volcano in 2000. Although some people travel to get these amazing shots, some people are simply close by and have enough wits about them to remember to point and shoot.

Water and Romance


(image sources: Per-Andre Hoffman ,National Geographic ,Tropical Living ,André Pipa,Lucie’s Photography ,Weeks Photography)

In the upper left, Palawan in the Philippines was once named as the best island destination in East and Southeast Asia by National Geographic Traveler. A Belize sunset can be breathtakingly beautiful as well as romantic. There is a wonderfully diverse society and cultures in Belize as well. Bali, an Indonesian island, is another hotspot for lovers and water lovers. If you can maintain enough sense of mind to carry your camera, you will not be disappointed in capturing those moments to cherish. Sometimes the roaring of the wind and the waves thundering ashore, the spray on your face, can thrill you or even fit your tumultuous mood like at Adraga Beach, Sintra which is the middle right photo. On the lower left, pictured is a far northwest island in Scotland called Neist Point. It’s known for the lighthouse perched a mile away and on the edge of a cliff. This spectacular headland is a wonderful place for bird and whale-watchers. Or lastly, for a truly memorable moment of time to capture with your camera, try celebrating New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam.

City of Love


(image sources: SHI Symbol International’s Weblog ,Café Crem,Photo Galleries ,Photo Galleries )

The Eiffel Tower is an icon for both Paris and France. The 19th century iron lattice tower is one of the most recognizable structures in the world. It is the single most visited paid monument anywhere on the globe and like the other millions of people who travel to see it, have your camera ready. Paris is one of the world’s most captivating cities. Their high style and other landmarks and museums are not to be missed. Additionally, Paris may be the most romantic city in the world, the city of love. Far on the other side of the globe, is Sydney, Australia, where the United Nations ranked it as the 2nd best place in the world to live. Australia is said to have some of the best living standards in the world. Like Paris, there is no other place in the world quite like Sydney. There are iconic beaches, rich culture, and Sydney is ranked first in the Asia Pacific for quality of life. Sydney will offer you many reasons to take travel photos, from the grand spectrum of outdoor delights to the pleasures to be discovered and enjoyed at Sydney Opera House.

Desert or Waves


(image sources: Doc Tony ,s0ulsurfing, Lucie’s Photography)

Remember, whether you are enjoying a stunning sunrise or sunset, feeling wild and tumultuous as the turbulent sea, or crossing sand dunes by caravan when visiting Morocco, have your camera ready to rock. Travel, take in the sites, enjoy, but above all else . . . be ready to point, aim, and shoot. Perhaps your travel photography might make a picture perfect postcard or even capture a moment of despair and human tragedy to share around the world.