25 Gorgeously Green And Eco-Friendly Jewelry Fashions


Jewelry is a matter of personal taste, to each his or her own. There are many eco-friendly jewelry designs from vintage, repurposed, recycled; why not go green baby and look good at the same time! We would end up filling many less landfills while styling a knockout piece of jewelry. Some are green and absolutely gorgeous while others fall somewhere far beneath the green but great mark. Make a statement that you are good to the planet as you accessorize. Here are 25 eco-friendly jewelry fashions in an irresistible blend of function and style, some recycled wonders and some will make you wonder what were they thinking.

Chic To Slick Eco-Jewelry


(image credits:Hafsteinn Juliusson,Hafsteinn Juliusson,eco-artware,eco artware)

What happens when jewelry and gardening clash? Why not growing jewelry? In the top pictures, the hand jewelry and ring are experiments in drawing nature to man. Yes, they’re alive, so make certain to water your jewelry or it might die! In the lower left, the men’s cuff links are vintage typewriter keys given a new purpose.  In the lower right is another way to accessorize from a once manual typewriter recycled into a tie tack.

Faux Green To Poop Pendants


(image credits:etsy,parrotjewelry,etsy,sprig)

Pendants and necklaces are basically considered the same thing. Some jewelry makers insist they are different, since pendants are often sold without a chain. The first image is apparently the difference between those people who are green and those who want to appear green. The stone moss pendant on the far left is shaped from clay to look like a basalt pebble with a tiny tuft of faux moss peaking out. The next pendant couldn’t get more real and might be for the person who truly believes in repurposing everything. It started out as an April Fools Day joke but there is a demand for the 1″ parrot poop pendant. The next rock garden pendant requires neither sunlight nor water, since the moss is not living. The talon pendant on the far right is fashioned from rescued ebony wood.

Eco-Friendly Bracelets


(image credits:sprig,inhabitat,WrecordsByMonkey)

Bracelets are an adornment  that can easily brighten up a wardrobe. On the left, this stunning Berry Coil bracelet is fashioned from Columbian red choclo seeds that are strung on an interior coil made of recycled Columbian pesos. On the top right, this 7.5″ bracelet is produced from nine strands of recycled chain. In the bottom right, this large cuff bracelet is called Aeon Skull and is formed from vinyl records. You can change the tone of what you are wearing by adding one of these eco-friendly accessories.

Gadgets Repurposed Into Pins


(image credits:arteco,arteco,arteco,arteco)

These pins are fashioned from repurposed materials. In the top left, this  3″ x 2″ pin is re-crafted from a Hughes Aircraft comparative memory onboard recognition signature analysis system.  Featured at top right, this 4″ x 2″ pin is a 7400 series chip montage of various processors, EPROMS, RAM, and D TO A Converters. At bottom left, this 1 3/4″ x 1 1/8″ pin was made from an AT&T MPU main processing unit from Centrex phone network. In the lower right, this 1 1/2″ round pin is an eclectic collection of cray memory chips, clock oscillators, and may have garnet or quartz detail.

Innovative Necklaces


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These necklaces combine style and a green mindset with surely enough variety to appeal to most women. In the upper left, this Snö Leaf necklace is hand-cut from recycled soda and water bottles, but like a real snowflake, no two are exactly alike. In the upper right, these hand-painted shells make up the Fleuri necklace which in mostly natural and from the 1950’s. The lower left necklace is for the eco-minded gamer and made from Bakelite gaming pieces from the 1930’s. In the bottom middle, this charm necklace is crafted out of recycled records. In the lower right, this necklace is a bit less green being made from sterling silver, yet the water faucet necklace supports the UN’s “Water is a human right” campaign and helps to fund clean water enterprises in third world countries.

Fresh Style To Freshly Dried Eco-Earrings


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Earrings, like women, come in all different shapes, sizes, and zesty flavors. For the environmentally-minded person with a sweet tooth, the top left earrings are made from recycled ice cream containers.  In the upper right, these 1/2″ x 1/2″ stainless steel earrings are made from SMA RF connectors, good to 18GHz. The left middle hoop earrings are crafted with care from recycled glass. In the bottom left, these 1/2″ x 3/4″ repurposed parts were originally used as photon detectors from an array in a punch card readers, but are now these earrings. For the woman who has everything, the 1″ bottom right earrings are made from fully dried, non-smelly, moose dropping.