20 Green Gadgets For Your Green Thumb


Green is glorious. It’s even better when you can utilize “green” gadgets and your green thumb. Saving our environment is all-important. Geeks like gadgets, but sometimes we are also gardeners. It can be hard on the pocketbook or the brain when trying to mesh our cool hobbies and our eco-passion. Here are 20 wild and sometimes weird gadgets for the plant enthusiast.

Electrolux Hydrosphere


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The Electrolux Hydrosphere has a green design that is aesthetically pleasing. This hydrosphere is handy for people who would like to grow green vegetation but would have a hard time finding a place for their potted plants. Although it is not a requirement to live in the city or in an apartment to own one, this planter can allow you to add green to your living environment while also acting as an elegant “green” gadget and conversation starter.

Bel-Air Domestic Spacecraft

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This air purifier makes your plants ‘more intelligent.’ The Bel-Air Domestic Spacecraft inhales polluted air and filters it through three natural filters (the plant leaves, its roots, and a humid bath) before releasing purified air back into your living space. This project was first researched by NASA for the efficiency of plants at absorbing and eliminating pollutants in aircraft. The domestic spacecraft runs off of AC power for the white LED lights, so you can have clean air anywhere you decide to put it.

Solar Powered Plant Pot


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Nothing tells your plant “I love you” better than a solar-powered glowing plant pot. You set the solar panel to collect the best sunlight available to you. This will charge up the pot during the day so it will glow at night. Depending on how much sunlight you get, the plant pot will glow for 2 to 8 hours before the battery runs out. The Solar Powered Plant Pot comes in glowing white or color-changing pots.

Pet Plant


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This Pet Plant gadget will show your plant’s emotions, such as whether it is too hot or needs water. The digital pot has sensors that process data about the soil and its surrounding environment, and then displays the information in digital pictograms. Your plant may be happy or may even scowl at you if it needs water. If you over-water your pet plant, this pot drains off the excess.

Ponic-Home Hydroponic Planter


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No need to dirty your hands with soil if you use the Ponic-Home hydroponic planter. The technology behind this planter allows you to grow your plant in a nutrient-enriched water solution. You might need to do your research to better understand the correct balance of nutrients needed in the water, but your house won’t get dirty from messy soil. This could come in especially handy for plant lovers with dogs or cats that dig in the soil of your indoor potted plants.

Teach Your Babies to Live Green


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If you are an environmentally-aware parent who would like to teach your kids to be like-minded, here are two fun solutions. Pictured on the left and below, the Flip Flop Q Minis may be artificial and high-tech but they are cute solar-powered gadgets for your young ones. No need for batteries, the more real or artificial light these toy-plants are exposed to, the more they will move and jiggle. They are 100% solar-powered and extremely portable play toys. Pictured on the right are Nyokki Pets egg-shaped planters. These adorable little planters come with rye grass that will grow to its full height in less than two weeks. You and your child can cut the grass and watch it grow again. Your child will learn to love plants as much as you do.

Pekoppa Communication Plant


(images via:Japan Trend Shop)

Pekoppa Communication Plant is made by Sega Toys to appeal to you as well as your children. The Pekoppa responds to your speech with physical reactions. By using the internal chip that detects patterns in human speech, the plant’s leaves and even stem will move. You can talk to your plant and your plant can talk back to you by deeply bowing to you as if in agreement. Perhaps not a yes-man, but a yes-plant! Not a people person? No problem with the Pekoppa.

No Green Thumb? No Worries


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If you love plants, but they don’t always love you back, then these two gadgets may be for you. The Grobal Self-Watering Planters (left) are perfect for people who may not have the greenest of thumbs. You fill up the water chamber and it automatically adds water to the plant’s soil so you will never over-water or under-water your plant again. These pretty planters are available in lots of colors and have a clear plastic water level indicator so you will know when to refill the water. All you need is a plant because it comes with soil and nutrients.

The USB Powered Mini Green House (right) is an eco-gadget for geeks who might like to have a plant nearby on their desk. You plug the USB into your computer and the USB power source controls the artificial light above the plant to help grow the plant in a scientific manner. It comes with soil and marigold seeds. It also comes with software to monitor the growth rate, a calendar, wallpaper and bookmark settings. Even with all the technology included with this gadget, you still need to remember to physically water your plant or it will die. Your software will remind you though when the plant is thirsty while your plant filters the CO2 around you. If you are tech savvy and love the environment too, then this little greenhouse may be for you.

Flowerbox Art


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These flowerboxes are not so much a gadget as environmentally friendly. They are made from cardboard boxes and come in a variety of colors. They come with holes in the back so you can hang your flowers on the wall with ease. Your flower or plant fits inside a white metal cup that is designed specifically for these boxes. You can add a splash of color, flowering plants or green foliage, to decorate your wall as well as start a conversation when your guests spy your eco-friendly flowerbox.

Living Kitchen


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The Studio Gorm living kitchen will help you nourish your plants with kitchen waste. This living kitchen is an example of nature and technology meeting in harmony. It provides a space to prepare your food as well as planter boxes to grow plants. The counter top has a waste bowl where you store your food scraps. Once that bowl is full, you pour the waste into the worm bin composter located underneath the counter top. The composter is full of worms that will convert the waste into nutrient rich fertilizer that can then be put back into the plants. It’s a good eco-friendly idea, if you can get past the thought of food, plants, and worms all located in your kitchen workspace.

Sound Garden


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Do you have an affinity for jamming and growing plants? JVC presents Sound Garden ‘Kirikabu’ Speakers. The speakers look like bonsai planters from the future. You can grow a plant but enjoy the thumping woofers too. When you water your plants, the speakers will generate their own electricity. Let’s hope you generate plenty of green otherwise because these cost a pretty penny. If you have plenty of cash, then you can combine your choice of potted plants with multi-directional speakers that include a woofer, left- and right-channel stereo speakers and are powered by an internal amplifier.

Tiny Hypdroponic Reactor


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Thanks to NASA technology, no soil is needed to grow your plants or herbs in any or all seasons. This hydrophonic grow system allows you to have a minimal mess on your desk or wherever you feel like you want to add a little greenery. People have grown herbs, flowers, and some vegetables in this “tiny hypdroponic reactor.” Within this gadget comes a special soil-free spongy grow-medium and nutrient mixture, so all you need to add are the seeds.

Seedbomb Plant Capsule


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Are you concerned over deforestation in our environment? As long you don’t mind using a biodegradable plastic pod, you can easily help to replant an area and to rebuild an ecosystem. The plastic pod acts like a mini-greenhouse to protect seeds and seedlings before exposing them to cold or harsh weather. This gadget contains some soil and nutrients to encourage seeds to germinate and to grow rapidly. Bombs away!

A Growing Book


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If you enjoy reading and growing plants, then this Growing Book might be for you. The idea behind this unique planter is to make the process of reading a book more interactive. The book comes with a special place to grow plants in it. You can be a “green” reader or entertain your kids by raising their environmental awareness as they watch the process of life taking place in front of their eyes.



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By using the EasyBloom Plant Sensor gadget, you can grow plants without the guesswork. The in-ground sensor takes advantage of the same technology that NASA uses on the Mars Phoenix mission to measure the Martian soil. The sensors read and analyze growing conditions in the spots where you “plant” it. Readings include sunlight, temperature, humidity, soil moisture and drainage to help take the guesswork out of where would be the best place to plant in your yard and what would be the best choices of plants. You leave it “planted” for a minimum of 24 hours before plugging it into your computer USB port and watching the recommendations such as what plants would flourish in what location in your environment.

Loop Greenhouse Watersaving Gadget


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This is for the person with a serious green thumb who also loves gadgets. You also need a greenhouse. Growing plants in a greenhouse is truly manipulating the environment. The Loop cuts down on humidity and acts as a water-saving device. The water vapor is condensed back into liquid and can then be reapplied to the soil for the plants to reuse.

LED Grow Light


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Indoor gardeners may prefer this LED Grow Light gadget. The LED lights produce red and blue colors which are the most important visible light frequencies for indoor plants. This LED light maximizes plant growth while minimizing energy consumption by producing only the light that enhances the natural process of photosynthesis. Indoor gardeners will enjoy fast growth and strong crops.

Soil Lamp


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So you don’t have a green thumb at all but still like gadgets as well as saving the environment? Here is a lamp that runs on mud. This light is powered by soil that is enclosed in various cells. The more cells there are, the more electricity they make. Like growing a plant, however, you need to add water to the soil, to make mud, to keep this soil lamp burning bright.