32 Amazing Examples of Recycled Furniture Art


Furniture art from recycled elements is often strikingly beautiful. Many modern and contemporary recycled furniture designs are now made using reclaimed or recycled wood, paper or metal. Most interesting about this functional artwork are the combination of original elements that give retired materials a fresh and appealing look their second time as old-but-new furniture designs.

Paper Gets Stronger the Second Time Around


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When we think of paper, durable is not the first adjective that comes to mind to describe it.  However, the artists that created these pieces used techniques to transform 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper into functional furniture.  Paper and paper board were used in these sustainable designs.

Decorate with Aviation History






(images via: motoart)

Now you can not only own a piece of aviation history, you can decorate your home with parts of real planes. MotoArt was born out of a love for art and aviation. The company designs home furnishings by recycling parts of planes, rather than allowing them to be melted as scrap.  Each piece of MotoArt furniture features shiny surfaces and sleek lines and is sure to be the focal point of any room.

Recycled Seating




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Although the bundled chair seems to be a statement in design rather than comfortable seating, other chairs made from recycled materials perfect style, design and function in the same piece. Many recycled cds and dvds found a new role as seating in the lounge chair design above, while barrels converted into seating are perfect for any rec room or stylish garage.

Furniture from Reclaimed Furniture




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New furniture is often created from old pieces. In some of the new pieces the worn or outdated furniture is disassembled, sanded down and creatively put back together in its new form. Other artists prefer to create something totally new by using old furniture as raw materials and starting the design completely from scratch.

New Life for Burned Rubber


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Even old tires are sometimes creatively recycled and used as furniture. This ottoman looks as though it would be right at home in any den and makes an interesting conversation starter. For cushier seating, innertubes have been used on metal frames to create lounge chairs that make you want to slow down and relax a little.

Style and Function



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Old sinks fashioned into a partition add stylish compartmental storage space. This type of functional recycling is especially attractive in schools and offices. The table shown above was created using scraps from window blinds that were cut to size. It boasts beauty, style and the accomplishment of not letting these gorgeous scraps of wood go to waste.

Fun Recycling for Sports Fans



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Old bicycles were put to good use by being transformed into eye-catching chairs that are sure to thrill bike lovers everywhere. Skateboards can also refurbished into furniture with retro or classic styling. While the bike chairs are quite obviously derived from bikes, you might need a closer look to notice that you are seated on recycled skateboards.

Redefining Metals



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Old beer and soda cans are abundant and often used in stylish design. To create the seating ensemble above, cans were crushed and formed into chairs and side tables. The slick metal sofa is actually constructed of thousands of nickels. While the hundreds of dollars worth of nickels could have still been spent, this amazing artwork is worth far more than the monetary value of the coins that went into it.

Carved Beauty from Waste Wood



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The breathtaking work of Brazilian designer Hugo Franca is carved from discarded Amazonian Indian canoes and fallen Pequi trees. The artist recycles these scraps into the amazing work you see here, proving that being environmentally friendly can be incredibly beautiful.