The Earthship Era: Eco-Friendly Luxury Living


When most people think about completely self-sustainable living, luxury is probably the last thing to come to mind, and if it does, it comes at a steep price.  There is a growing community, however, that has found a way break society’s rules. These people not only have their cake, but they’re eating it for less than you’d imagine.  For the cost of a normal two-bedroom home in suburbia, Earthship owners are enjoying the green life in a style usually reserved for science-fiction.

Environmentally Sound Living


(images via ECOnscious, Earthship Biotecture)

An Earthship is no ordinary home. Harking back to the early days of American frontiersmen, community-goers gather together to help the newcomer construct the newest member of the fleet in what they like to call a “work party.” Earthships are a social endeavor, after all, in hopes of promoting greener living across the globe. Each home is entirely self-sufficient, utilizing the Sun, wind, soil and ambient moisture to accomplish every task usually relegated local utility companies. All necessary materials can either be found at the building site or purchased and shipped by Earthship Biotecture, a company formed to take up the mantle of original Earthship designer and pioneer Mike Reynolds.

Truly Unique Looks in Any Setting


(images via dominicspics, ECOnscious, Earthship Biotecture)

Each Earthship is unique in its own way, as each is built by hand to the prospective owner’s design. They can range from spartan to lavish in their beauty and can be any size desired, depending on the wishes of its builders. They are extremely resistant to temperature-change and the very same house is able to provide surprising comfort in either the hottest deserts or the coldest climates. This is accomplished using a perfect mix of geothermal, ambient, wind, solar, and water in temperature control; even the direction the house faces plays a crucial role.

Beauty is Not Always Skin Deep


(images via Earthship Biotecture, ECOnscious, Earthship Landing)

While the exterior of these homes look as though they’ve just come from the a movie set in outer-space, their interiors are surprisingly accommodating. The interior of an Earthship, like its exterior, is entirely customizable and only the builder’s imagination can limit its potential. Multi-million dollar mansions often cannot rival them, and the cost to build one of your own, excluding the land purchased, can start as low as $50,000. That’s less than most luxury cars.