Celebrating Earth Day with 20 Fantastic Globes


There is only one earth, yet every incarnation of it as a globe is different.  Their surfaces may be smooth and shiny, or rough and textured.  They can be made of almost any material, and are commonly seen as works of glass, leather, paper or stone.  Globes can be small keychains or large monuments, but all are fascinating.  They remind us of the magnitude of the planet we call home and the importance of protecting it.  As we celebrate Earth Day 2009, the focus is on renewable energy sources, commitment to responsible consumption and the creation of green jobs.

Public Displays and Monuments




(images via: fiskfisk, spine)

Every day we are surrounded my reminders of the peril of the planet. Globes used as public displays and monuments visually draw our attention and stir a sense of community within us. One primary message of Earth Day is that we are all in this together and we all need to become active members of the green generation to protect our planet.

Global Warming Activism



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Artist activists often use models of the Earth as vehicles to spread their message. The Cool Globes project in San Francisco put up a display of works at Crissy Field that do just that. Intriguing artwork conveys the urgency to take action against global warming.  The collection was unveiled to the public in hopes of inspiring visitors and community leaders to seek real solutions.

Unique Mediums





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Globes can be constructed of nearly any medium the artist chooses. Some of the most visually striking models of Earth utilize unexpected elements.  Metals, semi-precious stones, marble and rock were used to create these incredible globe displays.  When Earth’s own elements are put together to create a model of the planet, the effect can be magical.

Lit From Within





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Globes that have a degree of opacity and are lit from the inside can be truly breathtaking.  Seeing the Earth sparkle and glow can be a special treat for children, and help foster an interest in the planet, conservation and geography.  Of course, these lit up globes are also a delight for adults who can appreciate their beauty.

Relief and Topographic Globes




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Some globes not only show geographic locations, but through relief and topography, indicate the lay of the land as well.  Highlights and shading make relief globes seem 3-D on the surface, while added features of topographic globes make ridges and valleys you can feel.  The use of these elements in design enhance globes and make it practically impossible not to touch them.

Taking It Personally




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Whether it’s a keychain or a part of your home decor, globes are readily available to anyone who wishes to own one.  Having the world in your hands, quite literally, can be fun; however the greater message of Earth Day is that the planet is truly in our hands.  It is how we choose to manage environmental issues that will make the difference to our future and our children’s future on this planet.