8 Eco-Friendly Ways to Spice Up Your Home


With spring right around the corner, homeowners everywhere are starting to think about sprucing up their pads. But why stop there? Unbeknownst to many, you can actually outfit your home with green decor, snazzing up the look and feel of the place while also helping the environment. Here are 8 eco-friendly decor choices that are sure to make any home more inviting and comfortable!

Salt lamps

(via Hypnotic Solutions)

Nothing makes for a comfortable room like pleasant, ambient light and clean, easy-to-breathe air. These Himalayan salt crystal lamps are an easy way to get both! In addition to being very pretty and decorative, the salt in the lamp generates healthy negative ions that cleanse and purify the air in the room. If you like the way the air smells and feels after a fresh rain, you’ll love what these lamps can do for the rooms in your house.

Recycled paper modular seating

(via LazyEnvironmentalist)

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to ditch your old couches and chairs in favor of something more modern, look no further. The modular seating pictured here is not only new and modern-looking, but made entirely from recycled kraft paper! Think of this as a way to kill two birds with one stone: mixing up the look of your living room and one-upping your neighbor who just bought the Prius last week!

Bamboo shelf

(via LazyEnvironmentalist)

Of course, what good is a living room decked out in recycled paper furniture without an equally eco-friendly place to keep your books and doo-dads? Thanks to this all-bamboo shelf, you need not concern yourself with that question. Nor will you feel any guilt about rain forests being mowed down and stripped of lumber just so you can have a place to store your stuff!

Kidney-shaped desk (made of FSC-certified wood)

(via Vivavi)

Every home needs a desk where work can be done. The important thing from a green perspective is what that desk is made of and that material’s impact on the planet. Of course, it’d be nice if the desk looked cool and spiced up your office, too. Well, here to save the day on both fronts is this kidney-shaped desk made entirely from Forestry Standards Council-certified sustainable wood – specifically Sassafras and Hawthorn. Both woods are imbued with natural aramotheraputic properties that will make sitting down to write out the monthly bills a little more pleasant!

Solar-powered patio wavers

(via Green And More)

No one likes trying to fumble there way along a pitch-black patio at night. It’s confusing, annoying, and just plain unsafe! But it’s a waste of electricity and light bulbs to place conventional lights around the patio. So what’s an environmentally-conscious homeowner to do? The answer lies with these solar-powered LED paver lights. Line them around the patio for a well-lit path that will keep you and your guests safe, and rest easy knowing that no batteries or light bulbs will wind up in landfills because of it.

Solar-powered address lights

(via Green And More)

Nothing is more annoying than trying to find a house at night and squinting your eyes to read the tiny, far-away address numbers! How nice it would be to never go through this again – or at least never put your own guests through it again. Well, dream no longer! This solar-powered address light powers up all day long to ensure that your address stands bright and tall above the rest come sundown.

Recycled street sign mailbox

(via Great Green Goods)

What does your town do with its no-longer-needed street signs? In most towns, the answer is most likely “toss them in the garbage.” We all know the harm this does! Fortunately, some people are more resourceful. Pictured here is a mailbox made entirely out of an old, about-to-be-tossed-out street sign. Rather than rotting in a landfill, this old “Caution” sign can now hold all those pre-approved credit card offers we all love to hate for the wasted paper they’ve made of!

Recycled metal storage bins (wall-mounted)

(via Green Your Decor)

As George Carlin famously said, we never have enough places to keep our “stuff.” And while that problem will likely never be solved, it’s always nice to have at least one more place. That’s where these wall-mounted storage bins come in. Made entirely of recycled metal and available in 10 different colors of non-toxic coating, these bins are the perfect compliment to any bare walls in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or office.