WebEcoist 121: Celebrating 6 Months of Awesome

It seems like yesterday that WebEcoist was launched with a mandate to cover “even more of your favorite travel, art, architecture and oddities [found on WebUrbanist], but with a twist: a new focus on strange animals, bizarre plants, green design, amazing environmental phenomena and other natural wonders of the world.We would like to think we have done all of that – and a bag of (organic) chips.

Despite being only half a year old, WebEcoist has had half as many visitors in the last month as its two-year-old urban sibling site – and has covered all of the above topics and many many more besides, changing in response to our ever-growing readership. This collection is merely an overview, a succulent sampler platter of choice picks for new readers – and a selection of favorite entrees for existing ones. Without further ado, our 121st article – rounding up the best of our best content.

WebEcoist Colossal Collections

Most of our articles are styled as comprehensive collections, complete overviews to a particularly pressing (or simply) impressive topic or set of subjects. With positive responses also come sequels.

Devastating Land, Water, Fire and Sky Disasters: A collection of 30 incredible, terrifying and unbelievable disasters from around the world.

Epic Land, Water, Fire and Sky Phenomena: As devastating as she can be, Mother Nature also gifts amazing natural wonders.

Delicious Eco-Friendly Meals, Tasty Recipes and Drinks: Going green can be anything from vegan or vegetarian to simply organic.

Exotic Endangered Plants, Flowers, Trees and Forests: The world is full of threatened plant species worth saving for all kinds of reasons.

Strangely Spectacular Threatened Animals and Animal Species: Likewise there are many remarkable rare and endangered creatures.

WebEcoist One-Off Wonders

These are unusual articles covering just one event or subject. Why make the exception? When something is interesting enough to warrant individual treatment it is singled out and spotlit.

Incredible Tree-Climbing Goats: As neat as these animals are, be sure to also check out mountain goats and fainting goats.

The Biggest Food Fight on the Planet: There is a place where tons of tomatoes are poured out into a frenzied mob of food-throwers.

Solar Project Brings Water and Crops to Desert: This is an must-see design project at the intersection of critical green ideas.

The Strange Phenomena of Animal Magnetism: No, we are not talking about a powerful sexual attraction – cows and magnetic fields.

Subversive Art of Guerrilla Gardening: Ever wanted to be subversive and stick it to the man … without doing anyone harm? Well, now you can do good instead – all with this handy guerrilla gardening guide.

WebEcoist Reference Resources

Of course we pride ourselves on our serious side as well, providing useful green news, historical information and tricks, tips and hacks for living and buying more sustainably on our shared planet.

100 Essential Green Web Resources: Divided into four parts, this is your complete one-stop guide to the green web from green news and blog sites and green forums and social media sites to environmental agencies and organizations and environmental web tools, applications and other resources.

Great Green Gadgets and Technology: What did you get for the holidays … and do you want to take it back and get something less literally green or otherwise strange? Perhaps it was too cheap or perhaps it was not quite cheap enough, or maybe it was just plain bad green design.

The History of the Modern Green Movement: The green movement is complex and in many ways very very different from what it started out as.  We think of it not only as something new but as the people who belong to it as avante garde – so who would you include from the past?

The Top Global Environmental Issues of Today: Many shocking issues and facts face our planet today, from classic front-page concerns like rainforest deforestation to future anticipated problems just starting to cause trouble such as water shortages.

Creative Environmental and Humanitarian Advertising: The next step after awareness is, of course, action. That is why it is important to be involved with sites like Change.org that work on serious issues as well as sites like WebEcoist that provide entertainment alongside news.

WebEcoist Green Galleries

Let’s face it – some of you are here to browse and look at amazing things during brief respites from the boss’s gaze at the office. For you we have just the thing for simple skimming.

Extraordinary Elemental Art of the World Galleries: Divided into the four classic elements, these galleries collect some of the most amazing art in the world including earth and land art, water, snow and ice art, air, wind and sky art and of course fascinating fire art.

Cutting-Edge Green Design and Technology Galleries: Now more than ever the hope for a greener (and more economically prosperous) global community lies in forward-thinking green innovation, including biomass and thermal power systems, hydroelectric and tidal power designs, solar power designs and wind power systems.

HDR Nature and Animal Photography Galleries: For pure eye-candy of the natural environment, some spectacularly talented nature photographers have taken steps to bring life-like qualities to ordinary works of photography and enhance their works through HDR. Here they are: HDR animal, land, water, fire and sky photos.

Green Design, Urban Art and Abandoned Places Galleries: WebUrbanist also has a selection of galleries, the subjects of which range from environmental innovations to deserted cities. Check out current, future, prefab and recycled green designs, abandoned cities, buildings and vehicles as well as light, 3d, and geek graffiti.

Want Even More Amazing Articles and Images? Many of you are long-time WebUrbanist readers but some of you have yet to subscribe. To get an idea of what our urban sister site is all about, check out the galleries and archives, articles on fantastic furniture and awesome abandonments, or simply see our strange urban holiday shopping guide or get a great overview via our very best articles of last year.