14 Handi-Capable Pets and ‘Tails’ of Animal Heroism


There are some truly amazing animals who have overcome disabilities to help fellow animals as well as their owners. The news is full of incredible stories of animal bravery: the cat who saves a little girl from sexual assault, the feline who spares a family from fire, the dog who keeps an elderly woman from freezing to death. Even more amazing is when our beloved companion animals take risks to protect fellow creatures in spite of their own disabilities or in the face of grave threats. This post includes some very moving stories as well as some of the most adorable handi-capable animals you’ve ever seen. (Cute included above at no extra charge.)

Incredible Highway Rescue

This must-watch video of a death-defying rescue has to be seen to be believed. A dog crossing a busy highway was hit and severely wounded. With traffic racing by, another dog ventures onto the crowded highway to save his fellow canine, gets the injured dog to grasp its paws around his neck, and inch by inch carries the wounded dog to safety. Both dogs lived.

Cat Fends Off Home Intruder


(Images via Salon and timsamoff)

It’s every woman’s worst nightmare: waking in the middle of the night to find a strange man standing at the foot of your bed. A woman with a rescued cat named Homer awoke to just such a fate. Fearing rape or murder she quickly reached for her phone to call 911, but the police turned out to be unnecessary. Amazingly, her cat took it upon himself to terrify the would-be villain right out the front door thanks to its menacing growling and scratching. It’s all the more amazing when you consider that Homer the cat weighs only 3 pounds…and has no eyes.

Blind Dog Saves Man from Hurricane Katrina


(Video capture via CBS)

A stray dog showed up on a New Orleans’ man’s porch 20 years ago and never left. Years later, Frisky, as the old blind dog was named, saved the man from death during Hurricane Katrina. Trapped in floodwaters overnight, the 80-year-old man grew exhausted from clinging to a mattress, treading water, and nearly gave up. He describes feeling peaceful, ready to die – but Frisky refused to let him, “talking” to him and licking him for encouragement until rescue came. Click here to watch the inspiring video.

Boy and Handicapped Dog Save Mother from Bear


(Image via figment)

The headline says it all. A wee boy – just seven years old – and his three-legged dog fought a bear that had mauled the boy’s mother and was biting deep into her neck. The child charged the bear with a sharp stick and the dog attacked viciously with the boy until the bear relented and ran off into the Romanian hillside. The mother miraculously survived.

Three-Legged Dog Saves Family from Fire


(Image via raytownfire)

A missing leg doesn’t stand a chance of preventing loyal pups from protecting their owners. One three-legged dog saved his family from a house fire in Australia that was spreading rapidly and could have claimed their lives. They were fast asleep, but the dog barked loudly until they had all woken up and were safely outside.

The Dogs Still Walk


(Image via Seattle P.I.)

These little guys, who barely survived an earthquake in China, have been outfitted with their own high-tech “back wheels“. They have a new lease on life thanks to caring people rescuing animals from disaster situations.

Chelsea on a Roll


(Images via Disabled Dogs)

Every year, millions of pets are put to sleep simply because they are no longer wanted. For disabled animals, the chance of adoption is even slimmer. That’s why it’s heartening to learn about animals given a second chance, whether from caring owners who want to ensure their animals remain mobile, or concerned volunteers helping injured and ailing dogs. This is Chelsea, a dog with a degenerative disease (like doggy MS) who is enjoying life to the fullest again.

That’s One Helpful Cat


(Image via dkimages)

Puss Puss the cat grew distressed when she discovered that a lamb from a nearby farm was drowning in the family swimming pool. “She was in a very, very agitated state, meowing and calling and crying and being an utter pest and dashing back and forward between them and the pool.” It’s all the more amazing when you consider that Puss Puss has no tail and suffers from severe arthritis which prevents her from a full range of movement.

Libby the Seeing Eye Cat


(Image via sfpnn)

Who says cats and dogs can’t get along? Libby serves as the eyes and ears for old Cashew, a 14-year-old blind and deaf Lab. No one taught Libby to guide Cashew to food and water or keep him out of harm’s way; she took it upon herself to care for him and steer him around. They’re inseparable friends.

How About a Seeing Eye Dog?


(Image via LA Times)

If a cat can do it, why not a dog? Scrappy (above right) is blind and Scooby (above left) is his seeing-eye dog. They were abandoned at a Los Angeles shelter by an owner who apparently didn’t find the dogs’ antics very interesting. That doesn’t matter – the lovable Scrappy and Scooby quickly charmed the whole community. They were quite a pair for Halloween.

Stevie the Wonder Pup

What’s a little blindness going to do – get in the way of a good time? Stevie the Wonder Pup performs all sorts of amazing tricks without letting his disability get him down. Way to go, Stevie!

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