10 Great Green Gift Ideas for Under $50

You hang your threads out to dry on a clothesline, illuminate your living space with LED light bulbs, use non-toxic cleaners, decorate your pad with sustainable furniture and stock your wardrobe with organic cotton. Heck, you even went hybrid with your new ride. Your friends, on the other hand, are guilty of some serious eco sins, and, no matter how airtight the argument, you can’t seem to convince them to go green. It’s time for a different approach. And, there’s no better way to spark their interest in the environment than with super quirky holiday gifts like an alarm clock that simulates an earsplitting, quake-like wake up call, accessories crafted from recycled cassettes and circuit boards, a USB hub that’s sure to keep any boss off their back and more. Even better, they’re all under $50.

Every night before you hit the sack, you set three alarm clocks and place them in different locations in the room, simply because this is the only way you can manage to get out of bed in the early hours of the morning. Sound familiar? Upgrade to the Sonic Bomb alarm clock, and you’ll never have this problem again. Not only does it reach 113 decibels, it comes with a bed shaker unit that goes under your mattress to give just the jolt you need.

What decorations do you have on your desk? A picture frame, a fancy paperweight, a cool pencil holder. Boring! No wonder you drift off at work. Nothing like a Desktop Carnivorous Plant set to get you through those tedious days. Plus, your office won’t have to worry about an insect infestation ever again.

Does your boss constantly bug you about this, that or the other thing? If only the solution was as easy as flicking a couple of switches. Wait, it can be. Next time one of your superiors hovers over your shoulder, just give them the evil eye, fiddle around with your USB Doomsday Device hub and watch them back off slowly, never to pester you again.

Rainy nights don’t stop you from going about your business, but limited visibility has acquainted your face with the curb several times now. But, before you start carrying around a flashlight, the LED umbrella shields you from the downpour while lighting your path. Warning: You may be tempted to swing this item around like a Jedi Knight with a light saber.

Do you sometimes look back nostalgically to the days of watching movies on VHS and listening to music on a tape player? Well, you don’t have to sacrifice technical quality to hang onto some of these obsolete keepsakes. Just stash your cash and cards in the unique Cassette wallet in memory of the good old days.

Does it feel somewhat effeminate when friends refer to you as the wine connoisseur of the crew? Pump some masculinity back into this passion with the Pool Ball bottle stoppers.

You’re the type who gets turned around easily, but you simply can’t afford a GPS navigator. Don’t fret; people have been finding their way without one for centuries. Just go back to basics and get your bearings straight (while sporting a super snazzy accessory) with the Mini Compass ring.

Reusable shopping bags are an environmental must, but, where are you supposed to store all those random impulse buys until you get home? The GreenAid bag can be folded and stored in a grenade-shaped case, small enough to carry around wherever you go. Just be careful going through airport security with this one.

Trying to stand out to potential clients? Next time you give them your contact information, whip out your Circuit Board business card holder, and you’re sure to make a lasting impression.

You always resort to popping open your ice cold brews with a lighter because you never have a bottle opener when you really need one. The Bottle Opener keychain, made from recycled bicycle parts, will always be on hand for those spontaneous drinks. (If not, you might want to call a locksmith.)