15 Deliciously Simple Veggie Thanksgiving Recipes


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Today Thanksgiving, also referred to as ‘Turkey Day’ is largely considered a meat-lover’s holiday. After all, a 20-pound turkey sitting in the middle of the dinner table doesn’t exactly welcome vegetarians. Worry not, there are plenty of excellent vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes out there that are so good that you’ll have your meat-eating friends eating off your plate. In fact, most of the recipes are easily made vegan too! Best of all, they’re incredibly easy to cook.

Soups and Salads


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Tangy Cream of Potato Soup is a cold weather favorite that shouldn’t be missed by anyone. If you’re not a fan of garlic, however, the 10-12 cloves might be too much for you. Try starting with 8 cloves of garlic and increase tang as desired. This comfort food comes in handy whether you are looking for a relaxing night in with a movie or need help dealing with your family.


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Pumpkin Tortilla Soup can be enjoyed any time of the year but is especially handy at Thanksgiving with all that leftover pumpkin from Halloween. Contrary to what you might think, this tortilla soup is very filling and nourishing even though it doesn’t have any meat or even soy protein. You can use the tortilla for garnish or actually cook it into the soup.


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Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup isn’t just quick and easy, it’s also flavorful and filling. Remember to cook it slowly to make sure all the natural juices and flavors of the vegetables come out fully. Top it off with a little bit of sour cream and rosemary for garnish. Contrary to what most people think, Thanksgiving tradition is not what popular culture will have you believe, in fact, popular culture brings over very little from the original shared meal. Tradition is what is personal, what reminds you of home, and what you’re comfortable with. This butternut squash soup should do the trick.


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Belgian Endive Salad is guaranteed to make your taste buds happy. It makes for a great first-course salad during the winter, and can be topped with spiced pecans or toasted walnuts. Alternatively, the salad can also be served as the final course for a meal. After a long day of shoveling snow, preparing your home for guests, and slaving over the stove, this salad should keep you nice and cozy.


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Roasted Beet and Pear Salad is not only a treat to eat but it will also help keep that holiday weight in check. The combination of beets mixed with pears brings out a curiously delicious flavor. Remember to wear gloves while preparing the salad or the beets will stain your hands red.


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Not only is a fresh fruit salad healthy and nutritious, but it is easy to prepare and goes with everything. Make sure you’re using fruits that everyone in the family enjoys and ones that complement each other. You can also top it off with nuts or opt for a Mojito Fruit Salad.



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Spanakoptia is a mouthful to say. A very delicious mouthful I should add. This delicious recipe comes from Greece and though is usually served in triangles, if you’re having trouble folding, try making rectangles. Once your party tries a couple of these delicious mouthfuls, no one will judge you for the shape.


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Hearty Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers are a great compliment to any entree and can be a great ‘little something’ to take over to someone’s place even if you don’t know what the host is preparing. Lentils are a good option here because they are both tasty and provide a good meaty and filling alternative to meat.

Main Courses


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Bursting with flavor and clearly Oprah-approved, this rich and cheesy Vegetarian Lasagna will make all your friends happy, vegetarian or not. Once you’re done preparing the lasagna, garnish it with fresh basil leaves (or other fresh herbs) and let it sit for 20 minutes before serving. Lasagna has become a Thanksgiving staple in many homes. After you try this recipe, you’ll know why.


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Roasted Vegetable Ratatouille isn’t the easiest dish to make, but with over half a dozen ways to serve it, it is one of the more versatile ones. Top it off with Capers and serve with brown rice or herbed rice salad. Ratatouille is one of the most popular non-turkey Thanksgiving dishes.


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If you don’t mind standing by the stove for a while, this Winter Squash Risotto is going to complete your Thanksgiving meal. Make sure the rice is creamy before serving and if you don’t like mushrooms, just take them and don’t worry about affecting the recipe. This one is bound to become a winter staple long after Thanksgiving has come and gone.


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Most recipe sites advise making this Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie in large quantities. Easy to make, optionally vegan, this recipe is full of tasty vegetables, creamy potatoes and mixed spices. It’s just that good. And it never hurts to be able to give your guests a little something delicious to take back home.



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This vegan-friendly Apple Pie recipe is incredibly simple and uses very few ingredients. Use an apple slicer to save yourself some time and you’ll be ready to serve delicious homemade apple pie in under an hour. Add some wheat flour to thicken it up if you’re not a fan of liquidy pie. As Rob Kasper says, “On Thanksgiving, the pies are plural, and that reason alone makes the day the best holiday of the year.” But a good pie doesn’t have to be difficult to make, and this recipe proves it.

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If you still have some pumpkin remaining after the pumpkin tortilla soup, try out this wonderful Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe. Be sure to keep all ingredients at room temperature before cooking and dip your knife in a glass of hot water (the hotter the better) before cutting slices and serving. Don’t forget to top it off with some whipped cream.


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This recipe for Vegan Sweet Potato Pie was inspired by The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook. Top it off with some Tofu Whipped Topping. This pie goes really well with the Cream of Potato Soup and will be a great end to a satiating and delectible meal.