70+ Delicious Eco-Friendly Meals and Recipes

Going green when it comes to food and drink doesn’t have to be a pricey proposition involving all-organic produce and the finest fair-trade ingredients. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or even a meat-eater here are some essential, cheap and relatively easy meals and recipes to green your eating habits on a regular basis without sacrificing taste.

20 Delicious Vegan Meals and Recipes: From sloppy janes to tofu scramble, soba noodles to grilled salad, vegan food has a sometimes-poor reputation amongst meat-eaters and even some vegetarians – but it is not always deserved. Whether you want food that still tastes like meat or something entirely different there is a yummy vegan delight on this list sure to tickle your taste buds.

20 Delicious Vegan Appetizers and Desserts: With main courses covered a meal can not really be called complete until you add in the befores and afters – appetizers and desserts are also an essential ingredients to balanced (and fun) eating. From salads, bruschettas and fries to cookies, brownies and pies here are some mouth-watering vegan recipes to fix and serve on either side of a main course.

14 Cheap, Easy and Delicious Vegetarian Meals and Recipes: Not sure you are ready to take the plunge and remove milk and eggs from the equation? In some ways that does make things simpler but, some would argue, perhaps not as simple as making a meaty meal. These fourteen recipes are ideal for even the most hopeless of cooks with little experience making veggie food (or even meals in general).

12 Tips and Recipes for Making Sustainable Meat Meals: So some of us may not even be able to make it as far as vegetarian – but don’t despair: there are some ways to go greener even if you still are not in a position to give up meat (or perhaps even want to) for whatever reason. From going with grassfed beef to enjoying exotic animal dishes there are many ways to eat healthier and in a more eco-friendly fashion at the same time.


10 Green and Eco-Friendly Mixed Drinks and Cocktail Recipes: Going green when it comes to consumption isn’t just about food anymore – you can celebrate sustainably as well with some of these eco-friendly alcoholic beverages and (in some cases) literally green mixed drinks as well.