25 of the World’s Wackiest Pet Furniture Designs


Humans love their pets – in the United States, people spend $38.5 billion dollars annually on their companion animals. From air conditioned dog houses that cost $100,000 to cat hammocks and unusual beds, humans will spare no expense for their favorite creatures. Here are some of the most unique examples of pet furniture.

Custom Luxury Dog Houses


(Images via alldogstory and Doggie News)

Some dog owners just can’t resist anthropomorphizing their canines by dressing them up in costumes. For the dog owner who isn’t satisfied with a costume, plunking down 5, 10 or 20 thousand dollars for a luxury mansion, villa, or cabin may be the next step. Some luxury dog houses are even air conditioned. The blue dog mansion in the lower middle image panel cost the NFL’s Carson Palmer over $100,000 from Doggie Mansions.


(Images via winewriter and Euroantiquemarket)

There’s no limit to the lengths people will go for their pets. Supermodel Rachel Hunter gave her pooch a villa, while Victorian finery can evidently be found even in the backwoods (said owner has 39 dogs).

On the Road Again


(Images via ratemyeverything)

This trucker isn’t about to leave his pup back on the dog run. He’s retro-fitted his semi-truck with a dog house for what is clearly his best friend.

Rich Bitch?


(Image via dogisgod)

For the jet-setting canine, here’s a portable carrier to keep the precious living luggage comfortable. Louis Vuitton would be jealous.

Kodiak Inflatable Dog House


(Images via Luxist and Marco Adams)

Both an opulent portable dog house and a practical cold-weather pup tent, the insulated Kodiak Inflatable dog house is the official dog house of the Iditarod and these days a trendy dog house purchase for suburban Spots.

Treehugger Dog


(Image via remarc)

Green-minded city dwellers have taken to guerrilla gardens, rooftop gardening and other forms of urban gardening. It was only time before the environmental trend started gracing dog houses. A plant roof actually helps to keep the dog house temperature well-regulated.

Frank Lloyd Woof


(Image via dogisgod)

Modernist dogs can ensconce themselves for all to see in this clear abode. Not recommended for German Shepherds.

Cubist Kitteh


(Images via The Sophisticated Cat and pfala)

Cats need not feel left out in the contemporary cold. This modern veneered box – “Eddie’s Room” – will only set a feline lover back $600. Just imagine the lolz when you tell your friends you coughed up that ball of dough for your cat.

Hello Crazy


(Images via kittyhell and hellokittyblog)

Some things just are not right. Like spending $30,000 on this Hello Kitty animal house. The costume is okay.

Cat Trees


(Images via cozycatfurniture, germes and cattreefurniture)

Amazingly, cats are able to come down from these trees just fine on their own. There are many cat trees out there, but until recently what they all shared in common was terrifying ugliness. A few modern designers have made it their mission to rid the world of ugly carpeted cat trees, designing chic modern cat perches instead.


(Images via therefinedfeline)

An Actual Cat House


(Images via moderncat)

Like, seriously…the whole house. This incredible high-design home in Japan is filled with built in shelves, rafters, cat runs, holes, hideouts and other amazing spots for the kitties to hide, play, run and jump.


Indoors and out, the home has been designed with cats in mind. Drawers house sanitary litter boxes. Porches have protective screens. All surfaces are pet friendly and scratch resistant.

Multitasking Magic


(Images via MZ Sazzy Angel)

Short on space? No problem – you just need a doggie Murphy bed or a double-duty nightstand that would work equally well for a canine or feline.

Pet Pods


(Images via Hepper)

Brands like Hepper are helping to bring pet beds and lounges into modern homes with a mid-century aesthetic. These pet pods are healthy for the planet in addition to your sense of style. Be prepared to fork over serious cash though – at least $300.

Cat Hammocks


(Images via lynx and petplanet)

While some cats prefer shelves, others love cabinets. But a few felines prefer hammocks. This NSFW-minded kitteh seems to have chosen the best hammock of the bunch.

Cat Cocoons


(Images via Inhabitat and Moderncat)

It’s no secret to cat lovers that felines love hiding places. The more dark and cocoon-like, the better. This cardboard cocoon doubles as a scratching post (how long will it last?) and the organic shape and materials of the cat “egg” are unusual but stylish.