27 Great Green and Eco-Friendly Search Engines


If you’re at all geeky or green, you have probably heard about Blackle. No? How about Google Black? Green Maven? Eco Search? Greenona?

Many of these search engines use Google custom search. Google is fine with that as long as the search engines are manipulating green-minded searchers just to make a profit. Typically, these search engines donate either part of all of the profits to carbon offsets (planting trees).

The following green search engines are divided into those that search the green web and those that simply search the internet at large but also otherwise contribute to the green cause in some way.


1. EcoEarth.info

Coming in at 520,000 on Alexa is poor, overlooked EcoEarth dot they have info? It’s actually worth bookmarking this search engine because it’s a wonderful resource – if a bit unslick.

2. Green Maven

Green Maven does all the pre-greening for you. So, for example, you can search “shoes” and you’ll only be shown vegan, or recycled, or vintage shoes.

3. The Green Search

A Canada-based search engine.

4. Green Planet Search

Treehugger loves the layout and the fact that it’s flash-driven. It is pretty gorgeous, actually. Why shouldn’t search look good?

5. Eco Seek

Not to be confused with My Eco Seek (below). Eco Seek has auctions, a blog, green tips, and a strong community vibe. One of the best.

6. Rollyo/Geofeat

Rollyo’s Mahalo-esque hand-picked site selection offers all kinds of customization. Check out Geofeat’s “green organic eco” search.

7. Green Link Central

Scours the green web, similar to Rollyo.


My Eco Seek

It looks a little like Skype. Or Flock. It’s green and blue and cute and it gives you a simple green tip daily. My Eco Seek runs Google ads and it’s Google custom search, too. We like it.

9. Ecocho

Australian Ecocho intended to build on Google’s search technology and ad platform – essentially rerouting a Google search with some extra ads slapped on – in order to buy carbon offsets. Citing violation of AdSense policy, Google quickly put a stop to those hopes from down under. Ecocho is still running, however, so you can use it – and it even comes in black. But TechCrunch’s Arrington is not a fan.

10. Eco Search

Google CSE and green. Eco Search is a top-notch nonprofit engine run by one man on a mission who donates 100% of proceeds to green organizations such as the Sierra Club.

11. Ecoogler

Is it eco-ogler? (That sounds a little sleazy.) Is it e-coo-gler? This Yahoo-based search engine plants trees in the Amazon every time you surf. Over 2,000 trees have been planted so far.

12. Twitoosearch

Another Google CSE, Twitoosearch says that it intends to work for the preservation of owls and other threatened species as well as plant trees through ad-based revenues. These initiatives are still in development.

13. Eco-Find

Portugal-based, Google CSE Eco-Find uses a black screen for energy savings and also includes a daily green tip.

14. Earth Day Logos on Standard Search Engines

Well, this doesn’t quite count, but it’s a nice way for traditional search engines to show their eco solidarity.

15. Gooef

Black, another Google CSE. But no daily tip from the founders (who happen to own Keetsa).

16. Blackle

Another Google CSE with a black screen.

17. Google-Black

18. Black-Google


19. Actual Google Goes Black

To raise awareness for Earth Hour (where everyone turns out the lights), Google itself went black. Ironically, this actually increased energy usage – according to none other than Google.

20. Greygle

There are literally dozens of “black” Googles, but did you know about Greygle?

21. Carbon Neutral Search

This Google CSE buys carbon offsets and posts the number to the site daily.

22. Greenona

…is not a Google custom search! It’s also distinctly social with a massive tag cloud display and helpful sections such as “top 500 searches” and “top 100 clicked results”. Is Technorati behind this? No, it’s Search Blox Online Media. Their goal is “to provide highly relevant clustered search results”. It’s got prominent social bookmarking features, too. Cool.

23. Green Terroir

Yet another Google custom search, it’s not entirely clear what they’re doing to help the planet, but they do have web-based email links running along the top of the page. (Huh?) Owned by Green Consensus, they say they’re going to purchase carbon offsets with the profits.

24. Search Greener

Search Greener has offset 50 tons of carbon dioxide. Black, and Google custom search.

24. Remember Jeeves?

Ask.com is not green, per se, but the company is working to make its facilities more eco-friendly. That’s probably going to do more in the long run than a black screen.

25. Eco Tourism Search

A narrowly targeted green search engine is the Eco Tourism Launchpad, which helps you green your travel plans.

26. Good Search

Using Yahoo, Good Search donates half of all revenues to a good cause of your choice. We like!

27. GoodTree

Good Tree only donates 12.5%, but the benefit of this green search engine is that it crawls not only Google but Yahoo, Ask, and MSN.


28. Flock

Did you know there’s an eco browser? Flock (Mozilla’s social-media-friendly browser) recently issued an eco-edition that raises awareness about environmental issues, promotes green sites and blogs, and gives 10% of proceeds to an environmental charity of the users’ choice.

Now go and find what you’re looking for!