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WebEcoist is dedicated to the premise that the natural environment is not only fundamentally important to us in practical terms but is also amazingly intriguing in all kinds of ways many of us rarely consider. Sign up for the feed and take a break from the urban grind to see and read about some of the strangest and most fascinating phenomena on the planet.


What can you expect from us? WebEcoist, like its sister site, is dedicated to in-depth and original articles on all kinds of subjects from art, design and technology to daily green living and environmental exploration. Here the idea of ‘going green’ does not just mean sorting your recycling – it is a way of looking at the world and thinking about our place and actions within it. Here you will find a vast amount of information condensed into articles and series that bring a wide range of useful and interesting eco-info right to your web browser. We are going to start out with some foundational pieces to put ‘green’ in context and then will quickly branch out into the strange and interesting things – much like those you know and love from WebUrbanist.


How does this relate to WebUrbanist? WebEcoist is at once an extension of and a counterpoint to WebUrbanist. On the one hand, WebEcoist continues the tradition of green content established on WebUrbanist in articles related to green technology, art and design. On the other hand, it broadens the focus beyond the urban environment and further explores the strange and fascinating relationships we have with the natural environment. All in all, however, readers can expect the same broad range of interesting subjects, amazing images, helpful resources and original offbeat articles from WebEcoist that are at the core of WebUrbanist.


How can you participate? WebEcoist is not just about one-way communication. If you have feedback on a specific article or more information to provide please feel free to leave comments. If you have ideas for articles you can contact us directly. Sign up for the feed, spread the word to your friends and most of all have fun – WebEcoist is not just a place to learn but also a place to be entertained. We look forward to hearing from you in the coming weeks and months as we grow and evolve. Thanks also to everyone who is helping to make WebEcoist possible, including Sara Ost, Jeff Hood, Alex Santoso, Avi Abrams, Mangesh Hattikudur, Jason English, Will Pearson, Shaun Usher, Hank Green, Alex Ion, Benjamin Jones, Brian Clark, Brett Stark, Danielle Brigida, Chris Baskind, Tracy Stokes and many many more (all of the above can be found on our brand new blogroll! Check them out!).