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Bugging Out: 7 Amazing Extreme Insect Close-Ups

Most people are sleeping at 3 am, but one brave photographer is out stalking insects to catch amazing portraits of these jeweled forest wonders.

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The Impermanence of Memory: Recycling Storage Into Art

When technology evolves, obsolete items usually end up in landfills. But artist Nick Gentry uses art to breathe new life into old floppy disks and VHS tapes.

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Bob Basset Creations: A Mix of Steampunk, Masks, and BDSM

Bob Basset is an underground success selling to a niche of steampunk fans, BDSM participants, and those who appreciate fine leatherwork and one of a kind items.

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You Dirty Beach: English Seaside Gets Eco Message

It's easy to ignore the fact that our beaches are very dirty beneath the surface. This art installation kept it at the forefront of Brighton beach goers' minds.

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Super, Man! How to: Recycle 100s of British Phone Booths

It's hard to find an operational red telephone box in Britain today, but they haven't disappeared altogether. These creative reuses give the boxes new life.

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Plastic, Fantastic: Hand-Built Ecological Bottle House

For most of us, reducing and recycling are the easiest parts of the 3 Rs. But a family in Argentina is reminding the world that reusing is just as important.

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Frozen Moments: Freaky, Funky Eco Art Installations

It would be easy to see Claire Morgan's installation art as macabre. But at its heart, it's more about a healthy fascination with science and nature.

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Corrugated Art: Incredible Upcycled Cardboard Sculptures

Mark Langan creates these sculptures from the everyday corrugated cardboard box. But you'd never guess it from looking at their exceptional depth and detail.

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Electric Legends: Stories Told in Glowing LED Lights

These glowing shapes and lights could be easily mistaken for the stuff of legends, stories, and fairy tales, but their origins are easily explainable.

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Eat Dirt: Consuming the Salt (& Pepper) of the Earth

Does soil have tastable qualities that affect the food that comes from it? Artist Laura Parker is proving a connection between food and the dirt it came from.

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Suck It! 8 Brilliant Examples of Plastic Drinking Straw Art

If you thought plastic drinking straws were only good for one thing, think again. These projects upcyle the single-use item into permanently awesome art.

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Serious Scrap Metal Recycling: Crazy Can Sculptures

Food cans aren't usually seen as beautiful, and they aren't the standard choice for sculpture. But Canstruction uses them to make beautiful things happen.

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Recycled Mutants: The Weird, Wild Tire Art of Ji Yong Ho

Think that there's nothing uglier than an evil-smelling, dust-streaked pile of old car tires? You need the creative vision of Korean artist Ji Yon Ho - because shredded rubber can be beautiful, as these sculptures show.

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Upcycled Art: Paper Bags Return to Their (Tree) Roots

The paper bags we get our fast food in are usually seen as trash. But at least one artist is taking them back to their roots and giving them new lives as trees.

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Green in the City: Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop gardens give a view of nature, improve air quality, provide roof insulation, delay storm water runoff and increase natural habitat spaces for birds.

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