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Fin Day For A Stroll: Seven Amazing Walking Fish

A fish out of water? In my environment? It's more likely than you think, as these 7 amazing walking fish gladly step forward to show.

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Some Fine Dam Climbing: Goats Scaling Steep Vertical Wall

The daring sport of rock climbing isn't just for humans - these Alpine ibex are skilled climbers who make good use of a salt-encrusted dam wall in Italy.

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Armed To The Teeth: Africa's Terrifying Goliath Tigerfish

Armed to the gills with 32 razor-sharp teeth, the Goliath Tigerfish may be the most fearsome fish you'll ever see - just hope it doesn't see you first!

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Experimental Video From World's First Eight-Armed Filmmaker

Underwater video took a strange new turn when an octopus took off with a digital camera. The short film is a fun look at the cephalopod's underwater life.

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Hobbiton Revisited: Hobbit Homes Are Now Sheep Shelters

Once the Lord of the Rings movies were in the can, the picturesque Hobbiton village was transformed into a new type of settlement: a sheep farm.

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Sects in the City: Organic Wildlife Cities Pop up in London

Birds and bugs have some stylish new places to call home thanks to an art team that is working to promote biodiversity in the big city.

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Life Sucks: 10 Amazing Animal Vampires

Was Dracula onto something? Like the no-account count, these 10 bloodsucking animal vampires take their nourishment from a different vein... maybe one of yours!

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Poisonous? Really? Some Surprisingly Toxic Animals

Everyone knows scorpions are poisonous, but what about those cute and cuddly primates you see all over the web? These are some surprisingly toxic animals:

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Weirdly Wonderful: Winged Cats, Hulking Whippets, and More!

Not every person looks alike, and the same goes for animals. These amazing anomalies are some of the strangest creatures to grace the Earth.

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Outtasight! The 10 Most Amazing Eyeless Animals

Seeing is believing? Not so fast - these 10 amazing animals don't waste precious resources growing eyes. Why bother when vision is unnecessary; even impossible.

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Animal Metallicism: 10 Amazing Golden Creatures

Got the gold bug? These rare and beautiful creatures share a common bond: a warm, golden glow that gives them the look of exquisite, living treasures.

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Revealing Your Inner Beast: Animal Tattoos

Some people display a love for nature by getting a tattoo. Here are some of the coolest, and in some cases, most random animal tattoos you've never seen:

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Surprise Finds: 10 Strange Yet Exciting New Species

A recent top 10 new species list has it all, including a weird, rat-eating plant, head-spinning frogfish, sexually-suggestive fungus and much more.

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Nine Lives: Black Cat Is Lucky Recipient of Bionic Legs

Oscar the cat suffered a tragic accident, but thanks to the dedication of a medical team - and a healthy dose of luck - he's on the mend with new bionic paws.

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Grand Paws: 10 Of The World's Longest Lived Animals

Whether as pampered pets at home or protected from predators in zoos, these 10 oldest "grand paws" lead the senior circuit with the most golden years.

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