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    Rugged Adventures Through Exquisite National Parks

    Here are 12 rugged and untamed, not overly crowded but not unknown either, unique National Parks for travelers to explore and to enjoy new adventures in nature.

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    Glass Beach: Radical Example of Natural Recycling

    Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California, used to be a dump - literally. Now it's one of the most unique and beautiful beaches on the planet.

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    7 Wet, Wild & Weird Deep Sea Animal Wonders

    The ocean depths are bursting with life - though not life as most of us know it. Here are 7 exceptional examples of the wonders lurking in the deep sea.

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    12 Sky-High Viewing Platforms and Elevated Eco Parks

    Fear of heights? Then you might want to stay away from these dizzying outdoor overlooks and elevated eco parks located thousands of feet above the ground.

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    Easy DIY Home Energy: 4 Ways to Plant a Solar Tree

    Four types of solar tree, from concept to reality, turning solar paneling into works of Art.

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    Naturally Social: Cool Ways Animals Communicate

    From the dialects of the prairie dog to the inaudible rumbles of elephants, animal communication serves many practical purposes, all the while amazing.

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    Massive Man-made and Natural Holes

    Humongous holes can be found scattered across the globe, some geological phenomena and others made by man. Here are the most massive man-made and natural holes to be found on our planet.

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    Driving Force: Harvesting Kinetic Energy From Passing Cars

    A UK supermarket chain is using cars to power their checkouts. Sainsbury's has installed kinetic energy plates to harness the power of passing cars.

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