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    Animal Native Tongues: Decoding 5 Cool Languages

    For giggling hyenas, growling dogs, squeaking catfish, singing woolly bats and beeping honeybees, certain sounds are rich in complex communication and meaning.

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    Puddle Jumping Welcome: Stunning Stormwater Park Concept

    Public spaces are rarely as functional as in this concept. These spaces would function as recreational centers when dry...and when filled with storm water.

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    Egg-Shaped Architecture & Art From Amazing To Bizarre

    From amazing decorated eggs to strange structures, here is a bizarre collection of oval-like designs in architecture and art.

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    Bugging Out: 7 Amazing Extreme Insect Close-Ups

    Most people are sleeping at 3 am, but one brave photographer is out stalking insects to catch amazing portraits of these jeweled forest wonders.

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    Azure As The Sun Shines: 10 Amazing Blue Animals

    Do animals get the blues? I azure you they do! These 10 cool creatures have chosen the blue end of the spectrum as their way to be made in the shade.

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    10 Surprising Reclaimed & Recycled Building Materials

    Old airplanes, shipping containers, silos and beer bottles are just a few of the surprising reclaimed and recycled materials that can be used in green building.

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    Feed 'Em: Animal Diet Secrets, Guilty Pleasures and Hunting Tricks

    Ensuring steady food sources is key for survival in the animal kingdom, requiring animals like songbirds, baboons and even sharks to be a little creative.

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    Animal Detectives: Feline Forensics and Intuitive Insects

    Bomb-sniffing dogs aren't the only animal detectives, with cats and wasps having a surprising influence in the world of crime solving and law enforcement.

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