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    12 New Extra-Large Sustainable Building Designs

    If we're going to adapt to the changing needs of the world, we need to think big - like these 12 concepts for sustainable skyscrapers, cities and societies.

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    Signs of Life: 7 New Animals to Emerge This Spring

    With spring in the air, old animals reemerge while new animals like color-changing frogs, amphibious insects, big-toothed leeches and more make grand entrances.

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    Petri Dish Portraits: Eco-Art That Will Literally Grow On You!

    For a colorful canvas that rivals anything the masters have ever dared to use, pleasing artistic arrangements can be created with bacterial inspiration.

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    Something Fishy: Ocean-Based Vertical Farm Concept

    We've all seen vertical farm concepts, but this one takes the idea where it's never been: the ocean. Could the ocean be the future site of vertical farming?

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    Ghost Towns: Places Abandoned Due To Disasters (PICS)

    Disaster comes in differing bleak shades and deadly flavors, such as environmental, economic, and natural. These ghost towns were abandoned due to disasters.

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    Flat Pack Products: 30 Efficient and Eco-Friendly Packaging Designs

    Gone are the days of bigger actually being better - flat packs are really where it's at for streamlined design that's easier on our households and our planet.

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    Emerald Kitty: 10 Amazing Green Animals

    For these 10 amazing animals, "going green" is more than just a trendy phrase... it's a lifestyle!

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    Goodbye, Plastic World: London Store Shuns Packaging

    Reducing, reusing and recycling would be simpler if the things we buy weren't wrapped in so many layers. One store is setting the standard for greener shopping.

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